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NYS Cannabis Administration inspects cannabis farm in Long Island’s East End

Suffolk County, New York — It’s time for a Long Island farm tour, but one East End tour isn’t all about pumpkins.that is pot.

CBS2’s Jennifer Macrogan joined Albany’s state cannabis regulator on Tuesday to visit small growers preparing for their first harvest. adult marijuana.

“I never used marijuana or cannabis,” said the 92-year-old former Bill Bianchi. Suffolk County MP.

Still, Bianchi is Long Island’s newest pot farmer.

“New York State has now licensed me to grow orchids, so I’m excited to have a new crop. I’ve been doing orchids my whole life,” said Bianchi.

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Bianchi is known for his beautiful orchids, but within 10 days one of his greenhouses will be turning into cannabis, and a costly upgrade to water, racks and lighting will be ready for his new plants.

“Last year, I told staff that they could choose between tomatoes or cannabis, and they all voted to do cannabis,” Bianchi said.

In Long Island’s East End, the state cannabis control board inspects newly licensed farms.

“This is what farmers are excited about. We have fun, like pumpkin fields. This is what we do, it’s a state government field trip,” state government official Trivette Knowles said. says. cannabis management.

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McLogan saw drying plants plucked from wet fields through the North Fork on a bleak day. All potting stages are tracked and recorded.

“They grow vegetables and cannabis here,” said Damien Fagon, chief executive of the Cannabis Authority. “Multigenerational family farm in New York growing first legal cannabis crop.”

New York’s farms have been the backbone of the state’s economy since before the American Revolution, and now the farms will be the center of the fairest cannabis industry in the country, according to the Cannabis Administration.

“Suddenly entering this new industry is very exciting and I think it’s good for the people of New York,” Bianchi said.

These farm-grown products stock the first adult pharmacy shelves. Scheduled to open later this year. NYS Cannabis Administration inspects cannabis farm in Long Island’s East End

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