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NYPD rejects recommended discipline of inspectors who have vandalized black barista filming police officers – New York Daily News

NYPD refused to discipline high-ranking police officers for arresting a Black Starbucks barista on their way home from work after a curfew during the 2020 George Floyd protest. Have learned.

NYPD Deputy Inspector Robert O’Hare was involved June 20, 2020 Arrest of Jessica Kii and her cousin Kiyee Kye. O’Hare and other officers confronted their cousins ​​after starting filming police officers arresting a black man. Body camera footage quoted in Kiyee and Kye’s proceedings shows that a police officer has arrested his cousin, but he simply asked a white cyclist filming the trial to move with him.

After reviewing the case, the Private Complaint Review Board concluded: Five Of the police officers who witnessed the arrest of their cousins, including O’Hare, they must be disciplined for up to 10 days of docking pay.

The CCRB concluded that officers James Shoulbis, Kachun Cheung, and Jonathan Dones used improper force against Kye. After that, O’Hare, who was promoted to an inspector, exerted inappropriate physical strength against Kiye. Officer Richard Acardi spoke rudely, CCRB found.

On April 27, Keechant Sewell’s office wrote to Jonathan Darche, CCRB’s Managing Director, that he had rejected the guard dog’s recommendation.

“These four uniformed service members had been legally arrested for commercial robbery in the area,” Lourdes Soto wrote in a letter.

“In short, the actions of these four unified members of the service are not feasible illegal acts.”

Kiyee and Kye filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan last year over an arrest in the midst of a national racial justice protest following the killing of Floyd by Minneapolis police. Their lawsuit, as mandatory workers, is to get in and out of work outside the 8 pm curfew imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio during night looting in southern Manhattan, Midtown, and parts of Bronx. Claimed to be allowed. The video showed a policeman throwing Kiyee at the wall of the building. The policeman roughly took the key to the ground.

Insulting injuries, O’Hare “You are an idiot!” Yelled. According to her proceedings, she was in Kiyee while she was handcuffed. CCRB could not confirm who insulted.

According to court filings, Kiyee suffered from cuts, bruises, severe leg tension, and numbness in her right arm that lasted more than three months due to a rough arrest. She told the news that the incident destroyed her belief in New York’s finest.

“A 20-year-old black African woman from work who has been in the country for 12 years has not harmed anyone. Physically and mentally, it is supposed. I’m being abused by the same people I’m in. To protect me, I feel violated, abused, and ignored. In any situation, I have to think twice before calling the police. I’m very scared, “said Kie, who doesn’t work at Starbucks.

“Because of their behavior, I had been on crutches for about two months, couldn’t work, and couldn’t eat for almost three days.”

The proceedings of Kye and Kiyee have nominated O’Hare and other officers involved in his arrest, as well as the NYPD and the city. They say, among other allegations, they were victims of false arrests and faced retaliation for exercising their right to photograph police officers.

Kay suffered a bruise all over her body, continued to have pain in her back and legs, and dizziness recurred, the lawsuit said. He said CCRB’s recommendations confirmed that police had violated his rights.

“There is no accountability or justice,” he said.

In 2009, Kye pleaded guilty to plotting in connection with an assassination plan to kill NYPD police officers. Records show that he was sentenced to less than four years in prison because he agreed to supply a gun to Hitman, who turned out to be an undercover investigator.

The cousin’s lawyer said the results emphasized the powerlessness of police guard dogs. The NYPD only needs to consider the CCRB recommendations and does not need to implement them.

Mobile phone and body camera videos show the arrest at the heart of the New York Police Department's proceedings.

“The dissemination of the NYPD, which rejects the CCRB’s conclusions, shows how powerless and useless the institution is,” said Jay K. Goldberg. “It’s clear that the NYPD and (Police Charity Association) dominate the city. The city doesn’t dominate them.”

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“Only these two blacks were detained without a clear warning and the opportunity to leave,” Goldberg added.

NYPD rejects recommended discipline of inspectors who have vandalized black barista filming police officers – New York Daily News

Source link NYPD rejects recommended discipline of inspectors who have vandalized black barista filming police officers – New York Daily News

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