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NYPD officer Badrian Alston is one step closer to finding a kidney donor, thanks to a selfless act from Brooklyn

New York — introduced last year Brooklyn police officer with stage 5 kidney failure desperately looking for kidney donorand now, months later, our story will help her find a match.

we first met New York Police Department Officer Vadrien Alston in December.of brooklyn The mother of two just found out her kidneys aren’t working and told CBS2’s Ali Bauman she needed a new one.

“I am waiting patiently,” Alston said at the time.

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The story was televised all over the country, including Maryland, where Brooklyn native Sophia Jackson happened to be traveling on business.

“I turned on the news … I think at the end of Vadrien’s story it’s just her demeanor,” Jackson said.

jackson called National Kidney Registry He said he wanted to donate his organs to a woman he had never met.

“How long ago did you decide that this was what you really wanted to do?” Baumann asked.

“Almost immediately … I’ve had a lot of people help me in my life. Not to this degree, but if I can help, why not?” Jackson said.

The moment the Kidney Registry told Alston that someone had come forward was captured on video.

“It must be one of the greatest feelings to know that someone is selflessly trying to help someone they don’t know,” Alston told Baumann.

There are currently more than 97,000 people awaiting kidney donation in the United States, with an average waiting time of 8 to 10 years.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know someone willing to do such a selfless act to give someone else the chance to live longer,” Alston said.

But it turns out Jackson was no match.

“She said to me, ‘If you still want to help, we can do that. Is that what you want to do?’ And I said absolutely,” she said. .

Jackson is able to donate a kidney on behalf of the cops.

This week, New York Presbyterian Church’s Weill Cornell Medical Center transferred her kidney to someone on their waiting list, saving their lives and moving Alston higher on the list. , hoping to get a new kidney in just two months.

“This young lady, she was in the right place at the right time. I will,” Alston said.

“If you can save one life, why not?” Jackson said.

The woman has yet to meet, but she hopes that Alston will undergo surgery.

“I just want to say thank you. I want her to meet my family so she can meet the person who saved her life,” Alston said.

“I just want to hug her,” Jackson said.

It took 10 months with two different conditions and one kidney, but Alston is now one step closer to finding a match.

For more information on becoming a living donor, please visit: NYPD officer Badrian Alston is one step closer to finding a kidney donor, thanks to a selfless act from Brooklyn

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