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NYPD Mayor Adams Unveils Robot Police Dog in Times Square

new york – New York’s Finest goes high tech.

of New York Police Department We are introducing robots into the military.

police commissioner Keychant Sewell and Mayor Eric Adams The announcement was made in Times Square on Tuesday morning.

Various new systems are called StarChase, the “Digidog” mobile robot, and the K5 autonomous security robot.

StarChase is a system that attaches GPS tags to fleeing vehicles. The vehicle can then be tracked via the app. Police hope the system will help avoid chasing dangerous vehicles on New York’s busy streets. The pilot program he will last for 90 days.

The controversial “Digidog” works with the NYPD’s Technical Assistance and Response Unit. They are remotely controlled and intended to assist officers in gathering information in high-risk and dangerous situations.

Digidog weighs 70 pounds and travels at a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour. Police call it “perfect for hostage negotiations, barricading individuals, hazardous chemical/radiation zones, and other dangerous incidents.” Digidog is capable of two-way communication and can be equipped with a variety of detection equipment. Deployment will begin this summer.

The NYPD says Digidog will never be equipped to carry weapons.

Finally, we have the K5 ASR. This large, egg-shaped robot “can cover limited public areas, such as public transportation, with its cameras.” As part of a seven-month pilot program, it will be deployed at night with a human partner inside the Times Square subway station.

“Throughout its history, the NYPD has pioneered ways to use the latest available technology to do important work safely and effectively,” said NYPD Commissioner Keychant Sewell. “In every era, we have maximized public and law enforcement safety through new technology, and that approach continues today. The NYPD continues to adapt, improve, and exceed public safety expectations. There comes a time when we have to, but we want to be clear: the implementation of these technologies is transparent, consistent, and always in close collaboration with the people who serve them. Our job is to fight crime and keep people safe, and these tools are an important step in that important mission.”

CBS2 political reporter Marsha Kramer will elaborate on her role in this area on CBS2 News at 5:00. NYPD Mayor Adams Unveils Robot Police Dog in Times Square

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