NYCDOE is demoralizing parents

Over the years, it has been clear that New York City’s only child deserves the opportunity to attend a successful school that feels supportive and safe, but the Ministry of Education does not want that opportunity. Exists for families in District 29..

Morale among families, students, and many educators has plummeted. Our school is failing in front of us.

DOE is bleeding enthusiastic and successful students while promoting the less than stellar managers responsible for this failure.

As the post reported, 29th ward school We spend more than $ 27,000 per student to generate single-digit academic achievement rates.

On the other hand, parents feel that they have no choice but to spend their savings, take out a loan, or do two jobs. Send children to a private school..

The epidemic of violence and bullying is scary if chronic performance degradation does not scare successful students. Registrations are declining and DOE continues to behave as if the problem resolves itself.

However, parents understand that this is not the case and are increasing the amount in response to their demand for change.

DOE has offered to listen again, but the time has passed.

My colleagues, myself, and worried parents have repeatedly warned DOE that our best parents and students are fed up. Now is the time for action in the form of policy and personnel changes, that is, intentional action.

It’s time for the DOE to come to the community with a strategic blueprint of how to turn around District 29, rather than listening, and a team of tested individuals who can take responsibility.

The DOE needs to be aware of these issues and elaborate on them so that the next mayoral administration can steadily implement them.

Our public schools continue to lose ambitious and successful students and parents, so they need to be desperately maintained.

I fully support parents who are fed up with DOE’s negligence and demand a comprehensive plan to resolve this issue, while emphasizing school inequality, inefficiency and failure. Work with parents.

State Senator Leroy Comrie (D) represents several communities in southeastern Queens.

NYCDOE is demoralizing parents

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