NYC teacher vaccine obligation suspended

Federal Court of Appeals accused city brakes Delegation All teachers and workers at other schools are expected to be vaccinated by Monday, but holdout grace may be short-lived.

On Friday evening, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted a temporary injunction against the delegation and sent the case to a committee of three judges for “quick review.” According to one report.

Daniel Filson, a spokeswoman for the City Ministry of Education, said:

She didn’t immediately say when the review was scheduled, but added, “I’m looking for a quick resolution by the Circuit Court next week.”

The DOE emailed the city principal on Saturday morning, “The school community needs to continue to prepare for the possibility that the vaccine obligation will come into effect later in the week.”

Meanwhile, DOE’s current “vax-or-test” obligations remain valid, she said.

“More than 82% of DOE employees are vaccinated and we continue to request that all employees be vaccinated by September 27,” Filson said.

The DOE sent an email to the principal telling him to continue preparing for the possibility that the vaccine obligation would come into effect later in the week.
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However, as many as 28,000 school workers have not yet followed.

In addition, approximately 1,500 unvaccinated school safety agents (4,300 under NYPD supervision) may also be banned from working. Creating a potential security crisis at school.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 237, which represents the agent, is expected to file a labor complaint on Monday as people working next week will be forced to work on a 12-hour shift at 6 am. Monday through Friday at 6 pm — to close the staffing gap.

“Rather than negotiating with Local237 before announcing and implementing vaccine obligations to avoid this issue, the city and NYPD are now burdened with their improper policy choices behind school safety officers. I am liable for it, “said the complaint. According to the copy obtained by the post.

Meanwhile, with the increasing number of cases of COVID among students and employees, some parents and staff were concerned about safety. Set for rally on Saturday The city hall is asking for a distance learning option.

A teacher at a school in New York City told Post that he wasn’t going to get the COVID-19 vaccine and was going to give up his six-digit salary.

New York School Teacher, Christina Cosia, Refuses to Get Covidvax
Christina Coscia is a public school teacher in New York City who refuses to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
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“I’m not so afraid to do anything and I can’t do it myself,” said Christina Kosia, 40, of her fears of the vaccine and its potential side effects. .. “I can’t spend a sleepless night thinking about what would happen.”

Cosia, site coordinator of the District 20 Kindergarten Program in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, said she maintains a healthy lifestyle and is not worried about getting COVID-19.

Those who continue to refuse shots will need to take a year of unpaid leave with health insurance or end the DOE with a retirement allowance. The DOE has provided medical and religious exemptions, but is said to have conservatively acknowledged them.

Vaccine obligations are designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

DOE offers medical and religious exemptions for vaccine obligations.
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But Cosia, which is part of the coalition, Teacher for choice, She said she didn’t think Shot would save lives because even vaccinated people could get sick and spread the coronavirus.

However, scientists say that vaccinated individuals are at a much lower risk of developing severe cases of COVID-19, even if they have a breakthrough infection.

Kosia said she wasn’t sure if she would take a vacation or quit, and was worried about paying her mortgage at the Prospect Heights apartment she bought in the spring. She will be paid $ 109,000.

She said her mother, a school aide, and her sister, a school secretary, were not vaccinated and faced similar loss of income.

“I apologized to the staff. I don’t know who will replace me,” said Kosia, who cried. “I feel like I’m abandoning them.”

NYC teacher vaccine obligation suspended

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