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NYC Subway Crime: MTA Honors Four Guards Extinguishing Shopping Cart Fire

Manhattan (WABC)-MTA honors guards who may have saved lives by extinguishing subway fires.

On Friday, four safety officers were praised for their courage to put out the fire at 181 Chome Subway Station on February 2.

Police say the man intentionally lit a shopping cart in response to a fire on a platform to the north.

Passengers immediately noticed and, after getting off the train immediately, warned four policemen who were patrolling the station or working at the Allied Universal Security.

The company is an additional eye to help MTA monitor transit systems.

Field supervisor Sultan Mohamed secured the customer’s safety, and Richard Garcia officer called 911. At the same time, Officer Marcel Langhorn and Evelyn Riddick rushed to the train car and poured a bottle of water for the flames.

As the fire began to subside, they trampled on the rest of the fire.
Further investigation revealed that the shopping cart was filled with clothes and a small propane tank. If the fire grows, the entire train car, or even the station, may have been destroyed.

“The actions of these guards are not commendable, but truly courageous and heroic,” said Craig Cipriano, Interim President of New York City Transit. “We are grateful for their quick thinking and how much they have helped prevent situations that are potentially far more dangerous to the rider.”

No injuries were reported and there was only minor damage to the train floor and burnt seats.

The suspect, dressed in black like in his forties, escaped from the scene.

The fire was the latest of the three arson fires last week, all of which occurred on the first train. Another fire was discovered when the train entered Chelsea’s 18th Avenue station a week ago on Friday.

“There was smoke, it was completely burning, and there was rolling luggage that had melted into the seats,” said witness Brendan Cochran.

It was almost two years ago that a subway driver died in an arson on Harlem’s second train.

Since then, arson has been rare, but the number of fires in the subway system has increased.

“The New York Police Department, and the Homeless Service, will also be a full-fledged effort to make our system feel safe in and around our system,” said Interim Transit President. increase. Craig Cipriano.

Transportation officials, who lost half of their passengers in a pandemic, are determined to pull them back. However, crime has increased by 70%, and these latest incidents may not be able to make it easy.

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NYC Subway Crime: MTA Honors Four Guards Extinguishing Shopping Cart Fire

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