NYC stops learning in the classroom after an increase in COVID-19 cases

The school’s president, Richard Calanza, told the principal on Wednesday that the increase in coronavirus cases throughout the city would stop all face-to-face learning in the largest school system in the United States.

According to Karanza, the average infection rate over the past seven days has reached the closure threshold of 3% and the building will be deactivated.

“The closure of the building is temporary. We will work with other city agencies and all other New Yorkers to reduce this transmission speed and return to face-to-face learning as quickly and safely as possible.” Calanza’s email says.

The principal sent a letter to his parents Wednesday afternoon informing him of the latest turmoil of the year.

The order affects approximately 300,000 city students who are still enrolled in the City Hall’s mixed learning format, with children alternating between home and classroom instruction.

Approximately 700,000 students are already on a completely remote schedule and will not go to their building.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to the 3% Kill Switch faced resistance from critics who saw it as an arbitrary and outdated indicator of the dangerous COVID-19 surge.

Governor Andrew Cuomo told MSNBC earlier this week that he would postpone the closure of the city school to De Blasio, but that number was established a few months ago and more useful data has evolved since then. It was.

Many parents also say that the city hall has consistently promoted the safety of face-to-face learning in recent weeks by encouraging the switch from distance learning to mixed learning.

According to the Ministry of Education, a random internal test of students and staff in a city school building consistently showed a minimum infection rate of about 0.15 percent.

School Prime Minister Richard Calanza
School Prime Minister Richard CalanzaPaul Martinka

But De Blasio recently argued that keeping the 3% figure would show his seriousness in containing the virus.

“It was a rule we made to maintain trust with people and show our commitment to safety,” he told MSNBC earlier this week. “We will live according to that rule.”

Students walk with a bag of books on the Upper West Side last week.
Students walk with a book bag on the Upper West Side last week.Robert Miller

De Blasio will delay the briefing on Wednesday morning and speak in the afternoon.

NYC stops learning in the classroom after an increase in COVID-19 cases

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