NYC school principal begs parents to take their children to class

Go back to school — please!

Municipal Ministry of Education calls Robocall Begging parents to take their child to class In an obvious ongoing attendance issue.

About 40 seconds of recordings spoken by Prime Minister Meisha Ross Porter have been sent to families in thousands of cities to fill the classroom.

“Hello, this is Prime Minister Meisha Porter of the school,” the recording said. “We are very excited to welcome your child back to school. Our school is a safe and supportive environment and classrooms are a better place for your child this year.”

In making her claim, Porter claims that children are better in class than in class Everywhere else they are spending their day.

“The more time we spend at school, the more social, emotional and academic support our children need to grow, learn and be happy,” she said.

Robocall from Porter said the school is a “safe and supportive” environment for children.
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Porter adds that DOE can help some children have trouble finding transportation to school.

“We also know that going to school is not always easy,” she said. “We are here to support you. To connect to what your child needs to go to school and succeed, contact the school or call 311.”

DOE has not yet disclosed the number of enrollments this year and does not accurately tell how many children are attending school each day. Instead, it shows the daily percentage.

On Thursday, the agency said 88 percent of the children were in class — a few percentage points lower than the equivalent pre-pandemic period.

DOE said Robocall is a daily element of outreach, but those with attendance are clearly not standard. This year, the agency said all parents were expected to receive Porter’s message.

“We are proud of our job of reaching all students every day,” said DOE representative Sarah Casasnovas. “A lot of people are already in attendance this year, and as always, we’re doing an important job to help families get back to school smoothly.”

Estimates of daily absenteeism ranged from 140,000 to 180,000 children in a school system with approximately 1.1 million enrollments.

Teachers Union Leader Michael Mulgroo pressured city officials to strengthen outreach For children who were chronically absent during a city council meeting earlier this month.

Meisharosporter, Executive Super Intent of School Bronx in New York City, shows this still image from the media availability of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday, February 26, 2021.
Porter said it would be better for the children to be in school than elsewhere.
Mayor New York City Hall via AP
In this August 17, 2021 file photo, students write and draw positive affirmations on the poster board of PS5 Port Morris, an elementary school in Bronx, New York. The City of New York has phased out a program for talented and talented students that critics say they support white and Asian American students, making it the largest and arguably the most isolated school system in the United States. Disproportionately enroll a few black and Latin American children.
Sarah Casasnovas, head of DOE, said the city is still happy with the early enrollment numbers.
Brittainy Newman, File / AP

DOE has promised to provide registration and attendance data by the end of this month.

Observers believe that this year’s rise in absenteeism is due to several possible factors, including ongoing pandemic-related health concerns and children’s habituation to absenteeism during long-term leave of COVID-19. I am.

NYC school principal begs parents to take their children to class

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