NYC Principal, Teachers Union Wants to Postpone Vaccine Deadline

In an 11-hour twist, city teachers and major unions ask Mayor Bill de Blasio to abolish Monday’s deadline for Ministry of Education staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for staffing concerns. I asked.

Over 28,000 DOE employees have not yet taken shots Faced with ineligibility for classroom work, both organizations are disastrous within a few days, despite some guarantees from the city hall that they are planning emergency responses as needed. I warned about the lack of staff.

“It is dangerous and irresponsible for the city to pursue plans to allow schools and centers to operate in a very understaffed manner,” said Mark Canizaro, chairman of the School Supervisors and Administrators Council, in a late Thursday announcement. wrote.

The Union Teachers Federation repeated the warning shortly thereafter.

“The principal’s union is right. Our school is not ready to fulfill its vaccine obligations,” said union leader Michael Mulgroo. “I hope the city hall listens to the school leaders and finally begins to come up with a rational plan to tackle the challenge of keeping children safe.”

The UFT and the school supervisors and management council opposed the NYC vaccine policy.
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DOE staff not currently receiving Medical or religious accommodation If you have not been vaccinated by Monday, you will need to take one year of unpaid leave with health insurance or end your DOE with a severance pay.

As of Wednesday, DOE said 87% of the city’s 78,000 teachers had been vaccinated, leaving about 10,140 dose-reduced so far.

Overall, only 80 percent of the 130,000 DOE employees, including workers in the food service industry and administrative staff, were shot.

Mark Canizaro said the policy was unwise given the city's staffing issues.
Mark Canizaro said the policy was unwise given the city’s staffing issues.

For weeks, De Blasio and the school’s Prime Minister, Meisharo Sporter, have argued that vaccinated substitutes and new employees can replace staff forced by the city school.

However, Cannizzaro flatly rejected the portrayal on Thursday.

“Despite our repeated warnings, the city is not ready for the impact of vaccination obligations on school and infant center staffing. It’s only four days before it goes into effect.” He said. “As a result, we are requesting the city to postpone the deadline for delegation so that the city can develop a rational emergency response plan.”

In advancing the vaccine mission, De Blasio argued that it would prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in municipal schools and curb the closure of classrooms and schools.

Both unions have also consistently encouraged all members to be vaccinated.

NYC Principal, Teachers Union Wants to Postpone Vaccine Deadline

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