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NYC moves homeless out of hotel as pandemic outlook brightens – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — Thousands of homeless people New York City I built a shelter last summer and moved to the hotel to keep it safe during a pandemic.

Almost a year later COVID The state of emergency is over and the homeless are returning to the shelter, Kevin Rincon of CBS2 reported on Monday.

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When these men grabbed their belongings and went out, it felt like an eviction. Lucerne Hotel To Upper West Side Finally again.

“I have no other choice. What else are you going to do?” Said Daniel Freeman. “I hope they leave us here until my dwelling goes through.”

At the height of the pandemic, about 200 homeless men lived in Lucerne. Legal efforts from neighbors To take them out.

On Monday, the remaining 68 men were taken to a shelter in the city.

“Why is this the first thing we do when the city is opened and not the last thing we do to protect these people?” Delsenia Glover, a public advocate office Said.

Glover wanted the city to postpone until these men could find a more permanent solution.

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“The health indicators are heading in the right direction, so we will phase out this temporary program and return to the shelter. The process will be completed by the end of July,” said the New York City Homeless Service Department. That’s it. “

“Prison. Prison. Limit. It’s a prison,” Freeman said of the move. “I’m going to jail today.”

“A miserable man. It’s like moving forward and then retreating,” said Joe Humphrey. “It’s just sad, man. It’s sad that this worked.”

The movement on Monday is Coronavirus.. Efforts by some neighbors to get men out faster over safety concerns were thwarted in court.

“I hope they’re doing the right thing and getting a better start. It’s okay for them to be here in the first place,” said Janet Pitric, who lives in the Upper West Side.

Other neighbors said things improved despite the initial concerns.

“If you support people well, they can be very good neighbors. I’m sorry they have moved,” another woman told Rincon.

Many of the men who were forced to move said they were grateful for the opportunity to go there.

“They are grateful for helping me recover,” Freeman said. “They have renewed my life.”

Proponents said it could take years for all of them to find a permanent home.

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Kevin Rincon of CBS2 contributed to this report. Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on Monday, June 28th.

NYC moves homeless out of hotel as pandemic outlook brightens – CBS New York

Source link NYC moves homeless out of hotel as pandemic outlook brightens – CBS New York

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