NYC DOE Wrestling Coach Causes 11-year-old Concussion: Court Documents

Manhattan’s dad claims that a junior high school wrestling instructor gave his 11-year-old son a concussion by hitting a boy on the ground, court documents show.

Saul Laric says his son (in this case called Initial DL) was chosen by Morton Middle School after-school wrestling coach Elijah Singh to demonstrate maneuvering on November 15, 2019. I will.

According to a petition from the Supreme Court of Manhattan, the coach, who is also a school teacher, “put the boy on hold and then mysteriously picked it up and slammed it downstairs.”

“In the process, my son’s head hit an area of ​​the floor without protective pads,” court documents claim.

The proceedings seek to make minor amendments to Laric’s February $ 2.25 million billing notice filed with the city’s Comptroller Office. This is a legal precondition for proceeding against the city.

However, Laric’s attorney Richard Kenny told the post that his father had not yet decided whether he would finally proceed with the proceedings.

According to the complaint, Laric, who lives with his son in the Flat Iron district, said the boy was “severely injured, including concussion and post-concussion syndrome.”

Kenny said the boy would experience “nausea, pain, dizziness, dizziness … and aversion to light.”

“He’s still suffering from this,” Kenny said, noting that the boy’s doctor called the concussion an “invisible injury.”

“He was a black belt in karate, and he immediately stopped all karate activities,” Kenny said. “Now he is afraid that something similar will happen.”

Kenny told the post that his client had submitted a billing notice because he “wanted to prevent this from happening to other children.”

Shin is said to have “exercised all that power to him.” As a parent, I find it hard to believe that the teacher is so ridiculous, “Kenny said.

“At that time he was a young man’s whisp, and he was picked up and essentially blamed the body,” Kenny said. “There was no malice here. It was a gross negligence.”

The City Legal Department declined to comment. Neither Singh nor DOE immediately returned a request for comment.

NYC DOE Wrestling Coach Causes 11-year-old Concussion: Court Documents

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