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Nursing home residents can be vaccinated by Christmas

Alex Azar, head of the Department of Health and Human Services, said the coronavirus vaccine would be given to all Nursing Home residents nationwide as soon as Sunday Christmas, as the first dose of the vaccine began shipping from Pfizer’s Michigan manufacturing plant. I predicted that I could be vaccinated.

“The vaccine disappears as soon as we receive it, because the governor is telling us to ship it to them,” Hazard told CBS News. “Face the Nation.”

“We can vaccinate all nursing home patients in the United States by Christmas. Christmas is so comfortable for loved ones in nursing homes that they already have some protection. Being able to get closer to is a really amazing and amazing outlook, “he said.

However, anchor Margaret Brennan asked Hazard why drugstore chain CVS recently said it would not begin distributing vaccines to nursing homes until December 21st under orders from the White House.

Hazard replied that there was a “misunderstanding” that was subsequently resolved.

“We’re not really asking you to wait in a nursing home, and we were able to have a really good discussion with CVS leaders about this misconception they had at the President’s Vaccine Distribution Summit. “Azar said.

“So we think everything will be straight with them and CVS and Walgreens will vaccinate people in our nursing homes.”

He said almost 100 percent of the country’s nursing homes applied for vaccination surgery.

Hazard also predicted that 100 million doses would be distributed by the end of February. It points out that if the Modana vaccine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration by the weekend, the number of doses will increase significantly.

Nursing home residents can be vaccinated by Christmas

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