NRCC broadcasts ads blaming high gas prices on vulnerable Dems

On Thursday, House Republican’s campaign division released a new digital ad targeting 10 vulnerable Democrats at record high gasoline prices across the country.

“Joe Biden’s war on American energy began second in his power, and now American consumers are paying for it,” said Tom Emmer, Minnesota, a member of the National Republican Parliament. The chairman of the meeting said in a statement. “The record high gas prices are only at the feet of Joe Biden and the House Democrats.”

NRCC advertising target Democrats, Tom O’Halloran, Arizona, Charis David, Kansas, Elissa Slotkin, Michigan, Angie Craig, Minnesota, Chris Papas, New Hampshire, Susie Lee, Nevada, Elaine, Virginia. Luria, Kim Schlier, Washington, Sean Patrick Maloney, Dan Kildy, Michigan, Chairman of the Democratic Parliamentary Campaign Committee.

The ad begins with a narration that the targeted lawmakers and President Biden have stated that they have “crippled US energy production.”

“The moment the president took office, gas prices began to rise. Gasoline prices here in the United States have reached record levels,” the reporters said.

The ad ends with a narration that declares “you are paying for it now” and tells voters that they can’t afford it.

US fuel prices have officially hit record highs this week, according to the car owners’ club AAA. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is $ 4.17, above the previous record of $ 4.11 set in July 2008.

Republicans believe it is similar to that of President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s in the current era of high inflation and gas prices, blaming the Democratic Party for a “full-scale war on energy.”

The GOP said, “Slow oil and gas permits, cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, ban on new oil and gas leases on federal land, new federal support for oil and gas projects abroad. Suspension, suspension of oil drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary ”. (ANWR). “

The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan law banning Russian oil and other energy sources from the United States on Wednesday night.

The Republican Party called on the president to reopen the Keystone XL pipeline and relax domestic drilling regulations, but Mr. Biden, who signed a presidential directive banning Russia’s oil imports, said Russia’s high pump prices Condemned the invasion of Ukraine.

“We are working with leading global oil producers around the world to meet that demand, but as we have discussed several times here, unused oil leasing that is definitely available to oil companies. There are 9,000 and I encourage you to do so, so that’s definitely a way to deal with it, “White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters.

Mike Summers, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil lobby in the United States, said the Biden administration had more than 9,000 federal drilling leases that the industry could drill. I’m misusing it. “

“There is a fundamental misunderstanding of government about how the process actually works,” Sommers said.

“Just because you have a lease doesn’t mean that the lease actually contains oil and gas. Until the lease and finally the area can be productive. Much development needs to be done in, “he said. “I think they are deliberately abusing the facts here to their advantage.”

NRCC broadcasts ads blaming high gas prices on vulnerable Dems

Source link NRCC broadcasts ads blaming high gas prices on vulnerable Dems

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