“Nothing prevents me from seeing my family” – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — The day before Thanksgiving is usually one of the busiest travel days of the year.

So far, the number of travelers has declined, but the number of COVID cases continues to skyrocket across the country, exceeding the number recommended by health professionals.

John Diaz of CBS2 was at LaGuardia Airport early Wednesday morning. There he saw most people wear masks and follow the protocol — all but the main ones: staying at home.

The holiday rush is in full swing as millions of travelers ignore advice from health authorities.

Throughout the tri-state area, there are long lines outside the test site prior to Thanksgiving. Residents of one West Village said they searched extensively for the shortest.

“My mom said it would take two hours to take the test, but here it takes 15 minutes. So we say,” Oh, I come here and sign up. ” “He told CBS2.

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Health officials want people claiming to travel this week to be tested before and after their vacation.

On Staten Island, there are two free test sites in the cinema parking lot. This is because the southern half of the island is designated as the orange zone.

“I think some people don’t care. That’s the problem,” he said.

Cases and hospitalizations continue to surge in New Jersey.

On November 1, 1,110 people were admitted to COVID-19 in the state. Currently, there are more than 2,700.

“We’re mainly begging people to do the right thing in a closed room. Celebrate with your immediate family alone. Don’t be with your grandma or grandpa,” Governor Phil Murphy said on Tuesday. It was.

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The US sky is about as busy as last year, but passenger traffic is down by almost 60%. Over 4 million people have passed the TSA checkpoint — the most since March.

AAA states that despite the CDC’s warning, it may decide to go out on the road up to 12 times.

“You take those things into account, but at the same time, that is, the family of the family, nothing prevents me from seeing the family,” said one traveler.

The flyer has TSA checkpoints with added COVID protection, PEE officers, new ID and bag scanners to reduce touchpoints.

“We have fewer contacts between passengers and executives, and we have a lot more security,” said TSA administrator David Pekoske. “All the technologies we have introduced greatly improve security.”

Coronavirus pandemic

Currently, millions of people work remotely, so if people choose to fly, the pandemic can change. Depart long before your vacation and stay longer.

“We expect to see high numbers next Sunday,” Pekoski said.

Asked if people should travel, he said, “I think people should see all the advice there.”

“Then I think passengers need to make decisions. Each person’s situation is different,” he added.

If you are traveling, please be aware of the quarantine rules.

“Nothing prevents me from seeing my family” – CBS New York

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