Nonprofits are trying to stop plans to remove seats from the Castro Theater

Non-profit organizations Another planet entertainment (APE) Rebuild the interior of the historic Castro Theater to further facilitate live music events. Specifically, the group wants to discontinue plans to remove all seats from the main level of the theater.

Opponents of Another Planet’s plan for the Castro Theater appeared shortly the next day. January announcement The company has taken over control of the theater from a family business for many years. Fans of theaters and nearby groups are afraid to turn Castro into a concert venue, Pledge by another planet Due to the continued holding of film festivals and occasional screenings, the theater is no longer the beloved home of decades-old repertoire films.

Although not yet approved by the City Planning Authority or the History Preservation Commission, plans for internal changes include partial leveling and creation of the main floor of the Castro. 3 cascade layers For the standing spectators who get off the stage. The seats will probably remain on the mezzanine floor on the second floor. Another Planet states that seated shows and screenings are possible even with the new configuration. A similar refurbishment at the Fox Theater in Oakland, managed by Another Planet, will allow removable stacking chairs to be placed in the tier at some events.

Now, a group called the Castro Theater Reserve has been launched. petition And they I talked to Chronicle todayExpressed some sour grapes about the anxiety about future changes in the theater and the fact that Another Planet has signed this deal. As Peter Pastrich, executive director of The Castro Theater Conservancy explains, he and other members of Conservancy discussed the leasing and management of the theater itself with the theater owner, the Nacelle, in 2020. I found out. They were worried that Nacelle would use this moment to sell the building in the midst of a pandemic where the theater was getting darker.

“We didn’t want it to fall or close, so we started looking for ways to help nonprofits maintain what Castro is to the community,” says Pastreich.

Currently, the group may spend time lobbying against the city’s approval of APE’s proposed theater changes, but as long as APE is in charge, maintaining Castro as a full-time cinema is not possible. you can’t.

As the group states in its petition, the preservation of orchestral-style seats is part of the theater’s expanded landmark designation already submitted for approval by supervisor Rafael Mandelman.

“My main concern is to remove seats and flatten the floor to change the theater experience,” Conservancy member filmmaker Dangerer told Chronicles. .. I think the model works in many places, but I’m worried that once I tear those sheets, it’s difficult to get them back to their original historic composition. “

The Castro Theater Conservancy seeks a non-profit position while boasting a well-known “supporter” roster. These include filmmakers Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Rob Epstein, Barry Jenkins, Philip Kaufman, Henry, Richard Drinker, Alexander Pain, actors Dana de Lanny, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and David Burn, Armisted Morpin, Leonard Martin and more.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Sister Roma is also a member of the group, telling Chronicles: .. ”

No one would have expected a major change to this landmark in conflict. So, before everything is said and executed, you can see the first of the many salvos likely to be in this battle.

Nonprofits are trying to stop plans to remove seats from the Castro Theater

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