Nokia releases a new version of the 6310 “Brick Phone”

Pick up the phone — nostalgia is calling!

Nokia Released an updated version of the classic 6310 “Brickphone” It has been 20 years since the original model was released.

Launched in March 2001, the 6310 quickly became one of the most popular devices ever manufactured by the Finnish telecommunications company.

Owners loved the phone because of its rugged design and long-lasting battery. Both are features of the new edition.

Many modern cell phones break when dropped, but Nokia claims that the new 6310 is sturdy enough to “kill” it.

Also, users often complain that the battery life of modern smartphones runs out within a few hours. The 6310 reports that it is not necessary to use a power outlet.

Nokia says the phone can survive an astonishing three weeks during charging.

The updated 6310 has slightly different specifications.

However, while retaining its long battery life and rugged “brick” design, the new model has some spec changes.

The original 6310 had a 1.8-inch screen, but is now expanded to 2.8 inches. A camera and more memory have also been added. In addition, the device will be available in several different colors.

Phone fans responded with excitement on Twitter.

“Nokia has made a concrete effort to bring the time back … Classic is back.” One person declared.

Another write: “Yes, it’s probably the last phone that actually worked” as a phone “and will probably sell on that excuse. People have enough iPhone updates that the phone will be unavailable after 18 months … “

A new 6310 is drawn.
The new 6310 is drawn in an array of colors.

Indeed, phones may find an audience of people who are eager to reduce their screen time.

However, the 6310 still has the popular low-tech game Snake, which the original user had been crazy about for hours.

Now, Nokia has announced that the new 6310 will be available to UK customers for the first time at a cost of £ 59.99 (US $ 82).

It has not yet been announced when the phone will be available in the United States. The post contacted Nokia for more information.

Nokia releases a new version of the 6310 “Brick Phone”

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