No.25 Seton Hall blows Wagner off with a balanced attack

Jarid Roden scored 15 points and 11 rebounds, and Caddary Richmond added 10 points to win Wagner 85-63 on Wednesday night at the Prudential Center in Newark.

“This is the second game we played pretty poorly in the first half, so we had a good conversation about how important it is to run the two halves in the locker room,” Roden said. rice field. “So I think everyone came out with a little tip on their shoulders and it was a little more edgy, and I think we’ve regained that strength.

“These types of games aren’t over, even if they get out of hand, but it’s harmful.”

Richmond also added 9 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and block shots, with Seton Hall (6-1) winning three straight games.

“This is the game I’ve been waiting for Caddary to have, probably because he’s probably the best passerby I’ve ever seen,” Roden said. “His potential is great.”

Tyreese Samuel fired a dunk shot and scored 15 points from the bench.

Alexis Yetna has added 11 points, 6 rebounds and 2 block shots to the Pirates. Tyreese Samuel dropped a chip at 15 points and rebounded 6 times from the bench.

Wagner scored 35-everything was put into the basket by Raekwon Rogers before Richmond dropped the layup on the next possession that would lead the Pirates forever.

“The biggest thing is shortening the rotation,” said Kevin Willard. “I know that in the first half, I’ll have a hard time playing nine guys for as much time as I’m playing. I know I’ll have a hard time. Many minutes It’s hard to play with people, so I’m still trying to understand this because I expect them to play and ride the rhythm and flow. “

Rogers led Wagner (2-1) with 15 points on a Seven of Nine shot. Jahbril Price-Noel added 11 points and Elijah Ford added 10 points.

Wagner suffered his first defeat of the season after postponing three games after November 17 due to the suspension of COVID-19.

“Let’s celebrate Wagner’s achievements because he hasn’t been in COVID for the past two weeks and probably didn’t have the two best players,” Roden said. “I give those guys their credit because they played hard, came out and hit us.”

No.25 Seton Hall blows Wagner off with a balanced attack

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