NJ records 3,877 new daily COVID-19 cases, the highest number since April 24th.Newark 19% Positive Rate – CBS New York

Montclair, NJ (CBSNewYork) — In New Jersey, the number of cases of coronavirus surged on Tuesday.

The state recorded the highest number since late April, when the pandemic first went out of control, CBS2’s Nick Callaway reported.

The numbers are bad throughout the state, especially in Essex County.

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The second wave seems to have arrived, and Callaway told state health commissioner Judy Persicily why the numbers are growing so rapidly.

“I can’t say exactly what’s pushing the numbers, except that the virus is a relentless enemy,” Persichilli said.

Coronavirus pandemic

Persicily said people were less alert and were using the virus. The state reported 3,877 new cases on Tuesday. This is the highest daily total since April 24th, with only 500 embarrassing first peaks on April 17th.

“And I think we’re seeing a widespread disease progression. As we experienced last time, the northern part of the state has been hit hard,” Persicily said.

Newark has been hit particularly hard. The city has an amazing 19% positive test rate and has enacted local restrictions to limit its spread.

Non-essential businesses must close at 8 pm each night, and the three zip codes 07104, 07105, and 07107 are curfewed after 9 pm on weekdays and after 10 pm on weekends. People should be off the street except when going to work or in an emergency.

Newark police struck the streets of the city’s bustling Ironbound district to enforce the mayor’s new restrictions as Higashi Ward’s infection rate soared to a staggering 32.5% on Tuesday night, Jessica of CBS2 Layton reports.

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“We need to bring this virus back under control,” said Mayor Las Baraka.

The mayor’s new rules are stricter than the governor’s rules.

“I need another treatment,” he said. “Newark’s prescription is not a state prescription.”

The overall proportion of Newark is more than double the state average. Baraka blames the illegal midnight party, and too many people haven’t worn masks yet. He says even public transport is a problem.

“The bus is too crowded. New Jersey Transit has to do better,” Baraka said.

As the number of cases increases, more and more people go to the COVID-19 hospital. Dr. Dumbalga is the Chief Physician of Hackensack Meridian Health.

“By Labor Day, we were probably around 50, but now we’re 325,” Varga said of the daily hospitalization rate.

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Governor Phil Murphy says he wants to avoid the state-wide blockade that he saw in the spring. On Monday, the restaurant was told to close to eat indoors by 10 pm every night.

Health commissioners said regulation could only go so far and much of the fight was up to us.

“And that means wearing your mask, staying socially away, and washing your hands, so if you want to use the terms blockade and restriction, you need to consider further. No, “said Persicily.

The health commissioner told Callaway that much of the spread was related to private gatherings where people were not wearing masks.

In fact, the state is currently tracking three outbreaks that began at the Halloween party.

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NJ records 3,877 new daily COVID-19 cases, the highest number since April 24th.Newark 19% Positive Rate – CBS New York

Source link NJ records 3,877 new daily COVID-19 cases, the highest number since April 24th.Newark 19% Positive Rate – CBS New York

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