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NJ COVID Update: New Jersey students don’t need masks in next year’s building: Murphy

New Jersey (WABC)-New Jersey officials announced new guidance for the 2021-2022 academic year on Monday afternoon.

Governor Phil Murphy has announced that all New Jersey public school districts are expected to teach full-time directly during the 2021-202 academic year.

He stated that students do not need to wear masks on school buildings unless the school district requires masks as part of its own protocol, unless there are some dramatic changes before the beginning of the school year. It was.

Murphy expects the latest guidance from the CDC on wearing masks, and said the New Jersey Ministry of Education and Health will update recommendations accordingly.

“The recommendations we announce today provide the school district with a roadmap for returning students and staff to a safe and prosperous school environment,” Murphy said. “This guidance helps school districts and educators plan to meet their educational, social, emotional and mental health needs. Our students and educators are in the pandemic. It showed amazing resilience. Normality that students have not had since March 2020 in the next grade. “

Strategy is a recommendation, not a mandatory standard. The absence of one or more of these strategies does not prevent school facilities from being able to operate face-to-face throughout the day. Schools are encouraged to implement as many layers as possible while providing full-time face-to-face instruction.

-Maintain the physical distance between students to the extent practicable. This recommendation should not prevent schools from providing full-time face-to-face learning. The district should provide physical distance only to the extent that it can provide regular face-to-face school operations.
-Interventions to reduce social distance include pointing desks in the same direction and avoiding group seating.
-Introduce steps to identify and respond to students or staff who become ill with COVID-19 symptoms.

-Maintain close communication with the local health department to share information and resources on COVID-19 infection, prevention and control measures and to establish disease notification and response procedures. Schools also need to maintain transparent and ongoing communication with staff, students and parents as needed regarding information about school operations and health and safety.

“This guidance helps schools plan their fall, but the best way to keep schools open and safe is to get vaccinated,” said health commissioner Judith Persicily. “It’s time for parents of children aged 12 to 17 to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment to give them enough time for a second dose before school begins.”

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NJ COVID Update: New Jersey students don’t need masks in next year’s building: Murphy

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