Nicole Raviv, an islander enjoying a “magical” fan anthem

A year later, thousands of tonal fans screaming “Stars and Stripes” echoed throughout the Nassau Coliseum. It was a beautiful tone.

In front of Islanders defeat Bruins 6-2After closing the series and sending to the Stanley Cup semifinals, Nicole Raviv was assigned to sing the national anthem as usual. But in the middle of the national anthem, she became like a backup singer in front of a crowd of 13,917 fans in attendance.

“It was very unique. Not everyone can have such an experience,” says Raviv. “Last year I stopped singing in front of my fans, so it was as if we were back to normal. It was really special. It was magical.”

The idea started after the fourth game in the series. Raviv’s microphone broke while playing the national anthem. However, the audience continued to sing until the microphone was repaired, and the show continued. Then they started singing in Unison again.

Raviv, in his mid-twenties, is a Canadian and Israeli indie singer and actress from Montreal, Quebec. She moved to New York in 2012 and became an anthem singer for the Islanders in 2019. She has become accustomed to singing in front of the crowd, but nothing has matched the enthusiasm of these Islanders fans.

Nicole Raviv sings the national anthem before the Islanders playoff game.
Nicole Raviv enjoyed a unique experience at the Coliseum before Round 6.
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“I’ve sung the national anthem at many sporting events. It’s unique and I’ve never felt such a crowd. It was a great moment for me and everyone there.” Raviv said.

New national anthem trends may be a new lucky charm for the islanders. In Game 4, the Islanders won 4-1 after the first fan anthem.This time it helped to defeat Bruins and get them Consecutive conference finals participation..

Raviv believes this will set a new standard for islanders’ fans.

The islanders represent the national anthem.
The islanders represent the national anthem.
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“We definitely try to get as many fans as possible and make it a collective experience,” she said.

Even if the islanders’ luck runs out, fans will occupy a special place in Raviv’s mind and probably will not forget her next album. After the performance, Raviv had no choice but to praise his helpers. ..

“It was special tonight. We held a SHOW! Best backup singer [the NHL]!! Raviv posted to her Instagram page.

Nicole Raviv, an islander enjoying a “magical” fan anthem

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