Nick Saban sheds tears on “self-absorbing” Alabama fans

Nick Saban has a large number of qualified “self-absorbing” Alabama fans.

Savan, 70, won seven national titles at Crimson Tide, including six, but broke into Alabama fans, who he believes have been ruined by the consistent success of the program.

“We’re going to get everyone’s best game,” Savan said in a pre-Thanksgiving rant at his “Nick Savan Show” on Wednesday. “And I don’t know why people don’t understand it. It can be said that it’s unfair for players to get everyone’s best game, but they do. They compete through it. , You must be able to get over it. “

Saban, who led Alabama to a 10-1 record (6-1 in SEC West), also said his fan base is no longer enjoying the victory.

“When I came here, everyone was happy to win the game. Well, now we can’t win the game anymore,” Savan said. His team played Auburn on Saturday and played the SEC title game on December 4th. There are no games at all. So I think we should win the game anything, and I don’t think it’s fair to the players either.

Nick Saban
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“Our players move their ass so that you can be entertained, to be the best they can, and to be criticized for what they are doing so hard. , You can have joy, pride, and passion for what they are doing. “

Many of Saban’s players have turned professional, but frustrated coaches, they are still college athletes and can benefit from names, images, portraits (NIL), but pay from school. I said it wasn’t done.

“That’s right, come on. Take a break. This isn’t professional football,” Savan said. “These guys aren’t paid to play here. They represent all of you. You support them, thank them for what they’re doing, and some You must be proud and happy to have gratitude. No one wants the worst victory than they do.

“So for all your self-absorbing people out there who can’t see past yourself to thank others for what they’re doing.”

Nick Saban sheds tears on “self-absorbing” Alabama fans

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