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Nicholas Roske googled how to stab wounds before Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted murder

California man Indicted for attempted assassination Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court googled for “the most effective place to stab someone.” Before appearing At the home of a conservative judge who has a stockpile of weapons, according to newly announced details.

The revelation was included in the FBI investigation warrant Get Fox News It shed light on other disturbing internet searches by Nicholas John Roske, 26, and an alarming conversation with a stranger online before his unlucky plan to kill Cabano.

“Mr. Roske used his Reddit account to ask individuals he didn’t know to improve his plans to kill justice,” Fox said in a warrant application. Stated.

A few weeks before the attempted assassination on June 8, he searched the web for “how to be stealth,” “assassin’s skills,” and “the most effective place to stab someone.”

He also plans to “exclude some people from the Supreme Court” to “prevent the Roe v. Wade case from being overturned” in an ominous forum conversation revealed by an investigation warrant. I talked to another person.

Roske has been accused of traveling from Chevy Chase, Maryland, his hometown of Simi Valley, to the country where Cabano lives to kill justice. Imminent abolition of the Roe v. Wade case..

Nicholas Roske allegedly googled “the most effective place to stab someone” before appearing at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s home.
Federal agents attacked the parents' home of a man in Simi Valley, who was accused of attempting to kill Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court.
Roske was found down the street from Cabano’s house with a gun, knife, ammunition, cable ties, and robbery tools.

He was found in guns, knives, ammunition, cable ties, robbery tools Down the street from Cabano’s houseHe was arrested after calling 911 saying he had suicidal ideation.

The warrant revealed that Roske, who used the email address, did not intend to stop by Kavanaugh and planned to target at least two other unnamed Supreme Court judges. ..

In a conversation with others, he said, “I’m aiming for three judges.”

Associate Judge Brett Kavanaugh stands during a group photo at the Supreme Court in Washington on April 23, 2021.
After the judge voted to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, Roske planned to kill Cabano.
New York Times via Erinshaf / AP

“The two dead judges aren’t going to do anything. The whole government is f *****. They are all,” said Roske, who said he had planned to “dismiss some judges.” There is no fix that you die before you kill. “

“Yes, but I was able to win at least one, which will change the vote over the next few decades, and I’m aiming for three,” Roske replied. “All the major decisions of the last decade have been in line with party policy, so if there are more liberal judges than conservative judges, they will have power.”

Roske was charged with attempted murder Acquitted In charge of June.

Nicholas Roske googled how to stab wounds before Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted murder

Source link Nicholas Roske googled how to stab wounds before Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted murder

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