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New York with a bathtub stopper stuck in the body of a rescued alligator in a New York City park

crocodile discovered At a New York City park, a bathtub stopper was reportedly lodged in his body, and caretakers were unable to remove it due to his poor health.

a 4-foot-long female reptile, rescued from the lake On February 19th at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, it was named “Godzilla” because of its size. But when she recovered, her health was in dire straits and she was “extremely emaciated,” said the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). statement on wednesday.

When discovered, Godzilla weighed about 15 pounds, less than half the weight of a crocodile of this size. X-ray images from the Bronx Zoo, where Godzilla is being treated, show an object stuck in his right abdomen: a four-inch-wide bathtub stopper, WCS said in a statement.

The crocodile is “weakened” so the stopper cannot be removed, making recovery difficult.

Godzilla is unable to eat on his own and is fed nutrients, vitamins, antibiotics, and antifungals via tubes.

The animal group believes in crocodiles – the species is not suitable Because of the cold weather in New York — it could be a pet whose owner eventually abandoned it. According to The New York Times, this kind of abandonment occurs after an unusual pet grows past the “cute stage.” are not uncommon in New York City.

In the last 5 years, 6 alligators rescued in the city, according to the Animal Care Center. Not all of them were rescued from the park.

For example, some were seized during drug raids or while law enforcement officers issued search warrants.

“The tragedy of this situation serves as a reminder that wild animals do not make good pets and responsible pet ownership means making choices that do not harm the individual animal or the environment.” A WCS statement said in part: New York with a bathtub stopper stuck in the body of a rescued alligator in a New York City park

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