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New York to shut down coronavirus vaccine app Excelsior Pass

NEW YORK — A $64 million mobile app used by New Yorkers to show evidence of vaccinations and negative COVID-19 tests during the pandemic will be shut down in the coming weeks, state officials say. It says.

The Excelsior Pass app, a digital relic of the pandemic, has been largely unused for the past two years and costs the state at least $200,000 a month to maintain, according to Albany’s Times Union. It says. The app will be retired on July 28, with state officials saying stored personal data will remain “private and secure.”

The app will be released in 2021 and used by 11.5 million people. This saves an individual’s vaccination status against coronavirus and quickly determines if the person is up to date with vaccination requirements for admission to certain locations such as outdoor dining restaurants and major entertainment venues. I was able to show

“As demand for instant access to vaccine records subsides and the public health emergency ends, the Excelsior Pass app will be discontinued,” said Hazel Crampton-Hayes, spokeswoman for Kathy Hochul, in a statement. ‘ said. “Going forward, the state will use the knowledge gained from this project to improve how New Yorkers can use technology to access services and benefits.”

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