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New York Mayor’s Debate 2021: Time and Way to Watch Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa Showdown

Leading Democratic and Republican Candidates New York The city’s next mayor will appear at the beginning of two debates planned prior to the November 2 general election.

Democratic Party Eric Adams –NS Brooklyn Mayor, former state legislator, retired New York City Police Chief-The city’s first rank-election defeats the Democratic primary and is mostly favored to win the general election in the Democratic city. If elected, he will be the second black mayor in the city.

Curtis Sliwa, a radio personality and founder of the controversial Guardian Angels volunteer subway patrol, is a long-time Republican candidate, like the New York agency.

At the request of the New York City Campaign Finance Commission, the two men will attend two scheduled one-hour television debates this month before the election day.

Candidates will attend a debate broadcast on WNBC-TV and Telemundo on Wednesday, October 20, at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. They will also discuss on WNBC-TV at 7 pm EST on Tuesday, October 26th.

Police reform, crime and public security issues have dominated the campaign to replace the retiring mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mr. Sliwa continues to bid enthusiastically against his well-funded Democratic rivals, and Mr. Sliwa worked as he sought to attract media attention primarily in his skeletal campaigns run by Mr. Sliwa himself. He criticized him for not having contact with the inhabitants of the working class.

Adams cast the enemy’s campaign as not fundamentally serious and promoted a campaign focused on the issues of gun violence, housing and flood resilience.

Decades after decades at Guardian Angels, which had been accused of targeting black and brown New Yorkers, Mr. Sliwa’s campaign was largely abandoned by criminals, primarily related to the fight against crime and police support. A defender of justice who relies on the “broken windows” theory of police.

He has also promoted a radical animal welfare platform and a basic income pilot program with city-tracked spending.

Having raised millions of dollars on the battlefield of the campaign, Adams has sought to straddle the agenda to address systematic injustice and poverty with a “crime-stricken” approach. He promised to tackle gun violence on his first day in office and promised to appoint a woman as city police chief.

He is also accused of facing ongoing skepticism about his residence, whether he lives in Brooklyn or New Jersey. Implementation of “sexist slander campaign” Against another police officer while he has power.

New York Mayor’s Debate 2021: Time and Way to Watch Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa Showdown

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