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New York lawmakers vote for new gun rules following Supreme Court ruling

Albany, New York-New York state legislators will vote Thursday on a law that seeks to limit the spread of firearms in public after the Supreme Court eradicates the state’s 100-year-old pistol license law.

The state is reviewing the rules for carrying guns after the court has determined that civilians have the right to publicly arm themselves for self-defense.

New rules rushing through Congress’s emergency session will allow more gun owners to apply for a license to carry hidden weapons, but new restrictions on where firearms can be carried. Attempts to set.

One provision proposed by Governor Kathy Hokul on Wednesday prohibited people from bringing firearms into the office unless the owner put up a sign to welcome the gun.

New York will be the first state to pass such a rule, according to David Puccino, Deputy Chief Adviser of the Gifford Law Center. In states where it is more common to carry guns, companies that do not want to carry guns usually need to post a sign indicating that weapons are not allowed.

New York also sets new requirements for obtaining pistol permits, including requiring 15 hours of face-to-face shooting training. Congress is also ready to enact new rules for the storage of firearms in homes and vehicles.

Gun advocates have been critical of the newly proposed restrictions, stating that some of them violate the rights endorsed by the Supreme Court.

Hochul and fellow Democrats are also planning to create a list of “sensitive places” where the average person is prohibited from carrying firearms, such as hospitals, schools, and public transport.

Other regulations require background checks on all purchases of gun ammunition that require a permit and prohibit people with a history of dangerous behavior from obtaining a pistol permit.

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New York lawmakers vote for new gun rules following Supreme Court ruling

Source link New York lawmakers vote for new gun rules following Supreme Court ruling

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