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New York Elections: Eric Adams Holds Slimmest Lead Against Kathryn Garcia After 1st Place Selection

New York (WABC)-Brooklyn President Eric Adams has lost many of New York City’s Democratic preliminary election leads, unofficially surpassing former health commissioner Kathryn Garcia by less than 16,000 votes. Aggregate.

Adams was second with 51.1% and Garcia with 48.9%, and Maya Wiley was eliminated.

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Tuesday’s tally in the New York City primary is not final, as it does not include more than 124,000 absentee votes. But it shows a complete tally of direct votes.

Adams is 15,908 votes, or 2.2% ahead of Kathling Garcia, after a rank-selection vote.

As many expected, Garcia jumped Wiley and picked up enough two and three seconds to eliminate her in the final round while closing the gap with Adams.

Of the more than 124,000 ballots mailed so far:

-Approximately 55,000 people come from the Adams district
-Approximately 39,000 people come from the Garcia district
-Approximately 17,000 votes are from the Wiley district
-Approximately 12,000 people come from the Yang district

The board will hold another analysis round next week, including absentee ballots.

Brooklyn President Eric Adams issued the following statement, depending on the voting results of the first ranked option.

“The total number of votes just announced by the Election Commission is more than 100,000 more than the total number announced on Election Night, raising serious questions. Before commenting on the rankings, the Election Commission Asked to explain such a significant increase and other irregularities. Prediction of preferential voting. In order for Eric Adams to make the city of New York a safer, more equitable and more affordable place. We are confident that we will be the next mayor of New York because we have formed a historic five-ward workers’ class coalition. “

Garcia spokesman Lindsey Green said the primary is due to end and is waiting for absentee and all votes to be counted.

“From the beginning I’ve said this will be close,” Green said. “This new information clearly confirms that. We are confident, but we still have over 120,000 absentee votes counted, and patience to count all votes. wait.”

Meanwhile, Wiley issued a statement that the results of the voting system need to be supported.

“As John Lewis said, democracy is an act, and New York City residents engaged in one of the central acts of democracy! They voted, and they ranked overwhelmingly. I acted when I chose to adopt the vote attached. I said on the night of the election, so that New Yorkers can trust our democracy and government, we have a democratic process. We must continue and allow all votes to be counted, and we must all support the results. “

In the Republican primary, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa won a decisive victory with more than 70% of the votes for Fernando Mateo.

Meanwhile, in the Comptroller race, Brad Lander outperformed Corey Johnson by 3.4%, with 19,979 votes and the same number of absentee votes.

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New York Elections: Eric Adams Holds Slimmest Lead Against Kathryn Garcia After 1st Place Selection

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