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New York Election 2021: What is a vote for ranked options?

New York City (WABC)-Only a year after a new course in the United States was planned in the 2020 presidential election, New York City people poll to plan a new course in the most populous metropolis in the United States. I’m back at.

Recent history suggests that Democratic candidates are much more popular than Republican candidates. So the true main event may be the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 22nd.

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Used by New York City for the first time in history Voting for ranked choices For the 2021 primary and special elections.

This is a relatively new form of voting that dramatically rethinks how leaders are selected.

So what is a vote for ranked options? How does it work? We break down the voting system with everything you need to know.

What is a vote for ranked choices?

The concept is relatively simple. Voters can rank up to five candidates in order of priority, rather than voting for just one. You can mark up to the fifth choice candidate, such as the first choice candidate, the second choice candidate, and so on. You can also vote for one candidate if you wish.

It is designed for when you vote and think “I like multiple candidates on this ballot”.Or maybe you conclude: “I really like Candidate A But I don’t think he can win so I’ll vote Candidate B I think people can win Candidate C In the general election “

How does it work?

If a candidate wins a majority of votes (50% or more), the candidate is declared a winner. However, if no candidate wins the majority of the votes:

  • Candidates for the last place are eliminated and their vote is split into the voter’s second choice.
  • A new tally is made to determine if any candidate has won a majority of the adjusted votes.
  • This process is repeated until the candidate has a complete majority and is declared a winner.
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    How to mark ballots

    Voters can submit ballots in one of two ways: AutoMark Ballot Marking Device Or via paper ballot.

    AutoMark ballot
    AutoMark displays each “selection” as a separate screen. On the first screen, select the first candidate you selected. If you have a second candidate, select the candidate labeled “Choice 2” on the next screen.

    You can also vote for one candidate if you wish. To do this, select the first candidate you selected on the Choice 1 screen and no one on the other Choice screens.

    Paper ballot
    Select the first candidate you choose and fill in the oval next to the name below the first column. If you have a second candidate, enter the ellipse next to the name below the second column. You can continue until you have ranked up to 5 candidates.

    Again, you don’t have to rank all five. You can vote for only one candidate and leave the other columns blank.

    Don’t do this!

    The new system has new rules. There are a few things you should avoid when filling out ballots. Something you can not do:

  • Fill in multiple ellipses for the candidate
  • Select the same candidate on multiple Select screens
  • Give multiple candidates the same ranking
  • Also, ellipses that are not completely filled cannot be read by the machine.
  • Which election will it be used for?

    Voting for ranked choices In 2021, it will be used to elect the mayor of New York City, public supporters, comptrollers, ward mayors, and city councils.

    Why change the process?

    In the 2019 ballot, 73.5% of New York City voters voted Okay Voting of ranked choices. But let’s explore some of the potential benefits of the process.

    Takes 50
    In 2013, Bill de Blasio won the first Democratic nomination with just over 40% of the votes cast. Ask yourself-Does 40% of the votes represent the best democracy? Voting for ranked options requires 50% to win the primary. De Blasio may not have won if he voted in 2013.

    Advertising campaign
    Proponents say there are fewer negative advertising campaigns in ranked votes than why you shouldn’t vote for opponents and why you should vote for advertisers I will.

    More expressions
    According to a survey of cities in the San Francisco Bay Area that switched to voting for ranked choices, color candidates have won more than 60% of the race. This is compared to less than 40% before the ranked selection.

    What does that mean?

    This is the last big question. Why is this next primary here in New York City? Voting for ranked choices Move?

    This is because it is the largest city that has switched to ranked options. This system is more interesting and more representative, so it is expected that turnout will increase.

    And if voter registration data is any sign (more than 3.5 million were registered with the NYC Democratic Party last year), it suggests that turnout was higher than expected in voting elections for other ranked options. Combined with the numbers that do, the 2021 Mayor Democratic primary could form the biggest test of the system in American history.

    It’s all about making democracy more accessible. And in the crucible of New York … that’s good!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don’t want to rank all the candidates?
    You don’t have to rank all five. Candidates can be ranked as much as they like (up to 5). If you choose to vote for only one candidate, leave the other columns blank.

    Under what circumstances can I rule out my first choice?
    If no candidate exceeds 50% of the first candidate’s vote, the last candidate will be excluded. If the first choice is deleted, the next choice is counted. The process of exclusion continues until a winner is found.

    Is it possible to give the same ranking to multiple candidates?
    No. This is called “overvoting” when giving the same ranking to multiple candidates. Voting in ranks after that rank cannot be counted.

    Can I cast a write vote?
    Okay. To vote for a candidate whose name is not listed on the ballot, write your name in the Write line and fill in an oval to rank your selections.

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    New York Election 2021: What is a vote for ranked options?

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