New York City’s new vaccine obligations also affect children 5-11 – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) – – A draft of the New York City Rules announced on Monday Vaccine obligations for children ages 5-11 are also included.

It elicits a mixed reaction from parents.

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As reported by Christina Fan of CBS2, in Twinkle Playspace East Williamsburg, Owner Vanessa Yee-Chan, has already spent thousands of dollars improving her business. COVID world. Next week’s new city mission will probably cost her thousands more.

“We will probably have to return a lot of money for the deposit and all the preparations we have made. There is a cancellation,” Yee-Chan said.

After 14 December, children ages 5-11 must present evidence of at least one dose for indoor dining, fitness, or entertainment. The same applies to high-risk extracurricular activities at school.

All my parents on Monday weren’t attending.

COVID vaccine

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“I was happy when adults needed it, but now I have kids. I like it,” said her mother, Erica Gerber.

“I find it difficult because everyone has their rights. It’s their child. And they should have the right to do the right thing for their child,” the mother said. Iwana Hartley said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio The city says new measures are needed to prepare for the winter surge and concerns Omicron variant growing up.

So far, only 20% of young New Yorkers have been vaccinated.

“Currently, the case rate is the highest among the ages 5-11, but this can be changed. In fact, after the ages 5-11 are eligible, parents already have more than 130,000 children. I’m vaccinated, “said Dave Chokshi, a health commissioner.

According to the New York City Hospitality Alliance, these obligations bring great inconvenience to small businesses. This is especially true during vacations when tourists outside the town cannot meet their requirements in time. Yee-Chan says it’s hard to say that he can’t bend the rules to an angry family.

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“We had some inspectors come in during the sudden inspection and actually did it,” she said.

New York City’s new vaccine obligations also affect children 5-11 – CBS New York

Source link New York City’s new vaccine obligations also affect children 5-11 – CBS New York

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