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New York City suspect in random Brooklyn attack says he works for NCIS

accused man Hit a Brooklyn boy with a crutch In court, he came across as someone who confused real life with the CBS crime drama NCIS.

During an arraignment at the Brooklyn Criminal Court on Friday night, 28-year-old Jamal McIlwain was warned by a judge to stop his erratic and nonsensical remarks.

McIlwain answers: i am just trying to help. “

Based on a U.S. Navy criminal investigator, NCIS has been on CBS since 2003 and has spawned several spin-offs.

Judge Simyon Hanif also performed with us.

The judge said, “That certainly hears you.”Congratulations. “

McIlwain politely thanked the judge and said, “I am not overseeing this case, but I am trying to help people.”

Hanif urged McIlwain to listen quietly to the charges against him because he “knew the system.”

But McIlwain was relentless and continued to murmur to the judge inconsistently but politely.

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When Judge Hanif warned McIlwain that he would be in contempt of court if he continued, McIlwain walked to the door leading to the area where court officials held the defendant before the hearing.

he turned and cried. have a great one Thank you very much. “Then he went to jail.

“Based on my client’s outburst in court, I think it’s pretty clear he has mental health issues,” said defense attorney Jonathan Fink. asked to be sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Christian Calderon demanded bail be set at $75,000 in cash. Hanif ordered McIlwain to be held without bail and requested a psychiatric evaluation.

McIlwain charged with random attack Around 7:40 a.m. on November 16, McIlwain repeatedly hit the boy with a crutch at the corner of St. Paul’s Court and St. Paul’s Place in Flatbush, leaving deep cuts, according to Brooklyn Juvenile Police.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday when officers who responded to a call from a man acting erratically recognized him as a suspect in the Flatbush attack. New York City suspect in random Brooklyn attack says he works for NCIS

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