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New York City skiers and ski companies hold out hope for plenty of measurable snow soon

new york — The city is on track to break the 50-year record for longest period without measurable snowfall. National Weather Service.

The last time we saw measurable snowfall in the Big Apple was March 9, 2022. CBS2 found out how a lack of snow is affecting winter sports businesses that pay attention to the weather.

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It’s been 326 days since measurable snowfall in New York City. For some, it’s a relief.

“I just moved here, so I think it’s been pretty good for me. I think I’ve been lucky. I don’t think I’ve had to experience the cold,” Ali Abbas said.

For others, it is cause for concern.

“I miss it because I love snow. I don’t miss snowy mountains, but there’s something about New York snow in the winter that gives me a certain feeling that I enjoy,” Colin said. The Ferrari of the Upper West Side.

But for skiers and snow lovers, this is a problem.

“The mountain I grew up skiing in Hidden Valley is out of business. It’s very sad. But when it snows, it gets very crowded,” said Justin Ernsting.

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Still, there is no measurable snowfall in our area. But for Tyler Cataldo, manager of a ski shop in midtown Manhattan, snowfall in other parts of the country affects his business more than local weather.

Surefoot Manager Tyler Cataldo said:

The so-called “snow drought” didn’t hit hard for ski boot fitting company Surefoot. But when Cataldo sees snow in our area, “the phone rings. Everyone wants gloves and socks. It just becomes,” he said.

Customers say they find ways to solve their problems, regardless of the weather.

“It was pretty bad in my hometown, but I can still go outside. I have little kids in elementary school at home, so they don’t mind. said Billy Gleeson.

Local ski resorts such as Hunter Mountain have been forced to rely heavily on artificial snow. Slow customer flow was a challenge at his Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah, New Jersey.

“People don’t think about snow sports unless there’s snow in their backyard. It’s been difficult to get customers because of the weather in the area,” said Ronald Fuhr, Director of Customer Service.

Fuhr said operations are in full swing, but mountain staff are just looking forward to the forecast for cold weather.

“We cannot survive the end of the ski season as it is now. rice field.

For now, skiers and riders are adventuring in search of snow. New York City skiers and ski companies hold out hope for plenty of measurable snow soon

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