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New York City schools ban AI chatbots that write essays and answer prompts.New York

A New York City school has banned ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that generates human-like sentences such as essays, due to fears that students will use it to cheat.

The tool will be banned from all devices and networks in New York public schools, according to the city’s education department. Department spokeswoman Jenna Lyle said the decision stemmed from “negative effects on student learning and concerns about the safety and accuracy of the content.”

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, an independent artificial intelligence research foundation. Co-founded by Elon Musk Launched last November, OpenAI’s chatbot can create amazingly human-like responses to different questions and different written prompts. ChatGPT is trained on a large number of text samples taken from the Internet and interacts interactively with users.

According to OpenAI, the conversation format is allow ChatGPT “answers follow-up questions, admits mistakes, challenges false assumptions, and rejects inappropriate requests”. Users can request Paraphrasing, summarizing, and extending the text it churns out.

The decision to ban chatbots in New York schools comes amid widespread concerns that they may encourage student plagiarism.

“While this tool may provide quick and easy answers to questions, it fails to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for academic and lifelong success,” said Lyle. .

Nonetheless, individual schools can request access to ChatPGT for “AI- and technology-related educational purposes.”

Since its announcement in New York, OpenAI has tried to reassure Said Washington Post: “We do not want ChatGPT to be used in schools or elsewhere for misleading purposes, so we have implemented mitigations that will allow anyone to identify the text generated by ChatGPT.” already in development.

“We look forward to working with educators on useful solutions and other ways to help teachers and students benefit from artificial intelligence,” he added.

Last month, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said: murmured That ChatGPT is “incredibly limited, but enough to give the misleading impression that it’s good at some things”.

“It would be a mistake to count on anything important now. This is a preview of our progress. I was. very! Relying on factual queries; not a very good idea. ”

So far, chatbots have proven to cause division among educators.

“Robots come here and do the students’ homework.” warned TikTok educator Dan Lewer.

Lewer advises teachers to ask students who submit essays at home to also submit a “short and sweet” video response. What did they learn from the essay…what did they struggle with and where did they grow up?

“This helps students develop better communication skills while making sure they are really learning the material,” says Lewer. New York City schools ban AI chatbots that write essays and answer prompts.New York

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