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New York City pressures landlords to crack down on illegal smoking establishments

new york — City landlords are under pressure to remove smoking areas from their properties.

When illegal acts such as sales are discovered cannabis Without permission, the landlord will be fined.

if you live new york citythere is more than one smoking area nearby.

“There’s literally two on every block,” said Keente Sheffield of the West Side.

Another said, “Too many. They’re all over the place.”

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A report was compiled for the city council on all smoking establishments operating legally and illegally, numbering more than 1,500 throughout the city, including 400 in Manhattan alone.

City Councilman Gail Brewer said: “Some people open illegal smoking shops at 7 a.m. near schools. It’s infuriating.”

Brewer said he received an invitation from the Sheriff’s Department to join the raid and was surprised by the public reaction.

“People think they’re legal,” Brewer said.

To shut down shops that don’t follow the law, the city is going after some landlords to turn it into a job cracking down on renters.

After a raid, the landlord could be fined or pressured to void the lease.

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Smoke shops are disappearing. Last week, a 40’s space on 9th Avenue closed. hell’s kitchen.

For some New Yorkers eager for more crackdowns on unlicensed marijuana stores, one Hell’s Kitchen lawsuit is over and dozens more remain.

“I am aware that there are state laws that actually fine the smoking areas themselves,” Brewer said.

Some critics blame the state for the smokeshop invasion. Only a handful of stores are allowed to sell recreational cannabis, and some dealers who want to sell are refusing to wait.

“Is that a mistake? Definitely. But for others it’s a great, lucrative idea to make money,” said one.

“Everyone has the right to shape their lives,” said Ederis Travieso.

“We want legitimate shops to succeed,” Brewer said.

The brewer’s message to you is if you want cannabis, go to a licensed store.

Brewer also urges residents to call 311 to complain if smoking areas are a nuisance to their neighbors, but to ensure that 311 operators handle complaints immediately and don’t refer people to the state. hopes for New York City pressures landlords to crack down on illegal smoking establishments

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