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New York City Mayor Primary Arrives Tuesday: What You Need to Know

Voter oppression, racism, and opportunistic political tactics are the focus, as candidates fighting to become the next mayor of New York City made a final proposal to voters on Tuesday’s primary eve. It became a great stage.

In a pandemic that is likely to win the Democratic primary and take office as the city’s 110th CEO on January 1, this brings a noisy end to the unparalleled primary. I did.

On the other hand, with the advent of voted choices, it can take weeks for New Yorkers to know who is nominated for seats from the city hall to the city council.

Voters can rank up to five candidates under the first city-wide test of the new system. The test advertises that it discourages negative campaigns and promotes the building of a coalition between candidates. But until this weekend, major Democratic candidates campaigned as usual, throwing thorns at each other in their bids to secure a nomination.

A Barely alliance Already fierce elections threaten tensions between front runner Andrew Yang and former hygiene commissioner Kathryn Garcia, led by Brooklyn President Eric Adams. In polls..

Yang on Saturday Prompted to his supporters To rank Garcia in second place, she Did not give back.. Still, the pair has been campaigning together since then, standing side by side at the event and co-appearing on the campaign mailer.

Adams and his agent have an alliance announced on June 16th. Deprive black and Latin voters of their rights..

“Wrong message”

“I think you sent the wrong signal and the wrong message, which many African-American and Hispanic candidates felt after seeing this,” Adams told CNN on Monday morning. Told.

Adams, a black man, said he could not claim that the pairing of Yang and Garcia would oppress voters on behalf of his supporters.

“I can say this: African Americans are very clear about voter oppression — we know about poll tax, we historically about the fight we had I know, how did you have to overcome the hurdles to vote, “Adams said.

“So, based on their perception, if they feel that it has suppressed voting, I will respect their feelings,” he added.

Mayor Maya Wiley, a black civil rights lawyer who worked in the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio, called the Adams feature of the partnership between Asian Yang and white Garcia “dangerous.”

“When witnessing the actual voter oppression law being enacted, it is ironic, selfish and dangerous to undermine confidence in voting for options ranked using racist crimes. “Willy said in a statement.

Alliances like Garcia and Yang are typical of ranked electoral elections, but De Blasio choked their agreement in “Opportunistic Movements by Candidates.”

Flock of candidates

In the Democratic primary (which, given the party’s overwhelming registration advantage, is likely to determine the outcome of the November mayoral election), voters can choose from a slate of 13 candidates.

Former traffic police officer Adams has gained the status of front runner. His most competitive rival is Garcia, who runs on her management skills. Yang, an entrepreneur and former presidential candidate. And Wily, whose progressives have recently fixed their hopes.

President Eric Adams of Brooklyn will hold a rally outside the Flatbush campaign headquarters on the final day of the campaign before the primary elections on June 21, 2021.
Ben Fractenberg / THE CITY

The top eight candidates are closed by the city’s accounting auditor, Scott Stringer. Wall Street executive Ray McGuire. Sean Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Budget Director under the Obama administration. Former non-profit executive Dianne Morales.

Treasury executive and NYC poll creator Art Chang, entrepreneur Joycelyn Taylor, lawyer Aaron Foldenauer, rapper Paperboy Love Prince, and lawyer Isaac Wright Jr. Will also appear on the ballot.

To Republican sideCurtis Sliwa, the founder of Guardian Angels, is playing against Fernando Mateo, a restaurant owner, Bodega owner and taxi driver advocate, for the nod of the Republican mayor.

Andrew Yang campaigned in Chinatown, Manhattan, on the final day before the June 21, 2021 primary elections.

Andrew Yang campaigned in Chinatown, Manhattan, on the final day before the June 21, 2021 primary elections.
Ben Fractenberg / THE CITY

The campaign trail has created a share of scandals, dramas and weird stuff for months, mostly limited to zoom rooms.

Once one of his favorites and considered a beloved by some progressives, Stringer overturned his campaign last month after allegations of sexual misconduct 20 years ago. I saw you. Leveled against him by a former campaigner..He denied the accusation, and The second It became clear earlier this month.

Morales campaigns are considered to be on the far left of the field and Implosion In response to inadequate compensation and toxic work environment complaints, in the union’s efforts and suspension of work by staff. Morales has fired about 40 of its nearly 100 staff, navigated union-killing allegations, and continues its campaign.

While Stringer and Morales were controversial, many of the supporters on the left, including Working Families Party, turned their attention to Wily.

Adams’ residence was scrutinized earlier this month Survey reveals gaps The mayor’s records management questioned exactly where he lived.Adams’ campaign efforts to make it clear that he lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant and shares an apartment on the ground with his son only added to the turmoil as a renowned vegan politician. The refrigerator was out of stock With some of the usual items he believes have reversed diabetes.

THE CITY recently revealed that it had never listed a Brooklyn co-operative that Adams purchased with a friend in 1992 on the required financial disclosure form. Co-owner In 2021, 14 years after he said he had given up his stake in the apartment.

High stakes, turnout uncertain

The next mayor inherits the still upset city from the previously killed COVID-19 pandemic Over 33,000 New Yorkers shut down about one-third of small businesses, High unemployment rate — Make this one of the most important elections in the history of the city.

The mayor faces a myriad of challenges. Balance public security concerns amid rising gun violence with the need to hold police officers accountable, and budget for the estimated $ 5 billion shortfall in the coming years. is.

But it’s still unclear if recent events will push New Yorkers all at once into the ballot box.

When the city’s top jobs were last competitive in 2013, about 20% of registered Democrats voted in the primary and De Blasio won.Campaigns and political observers by the Democratic Party 646,000 votes they cast During the 2013 primary.

More than 191,000 New Yorkers voted early, according to the city’s Election Commission, which ended Sunday, June 12. According to the number of BOEs, nearly 221,000 absentee votes were required across the five wards, and about 82,600 have been returned so far.

But all of this combined is just a small percentage of the city’s approximately 3.9 million Republican and Democratic voters who can vote in the primary elections on Tuesday.

The tension is increased by waiting for the final result.

Most races are likely to have Tuesday election results unclear Until the week of July 12 at the earliest. By the end of the vote on Tuesday, the BOE will announce a preliminary first ranking from the face-to-face ballots cast during the primary and early voting.

City-wide sales

The outcome of the election does more than shake the mayor’s administration. Most of the city government will be transformed.

Stringers have a limited term as an accounting auditor, city chief financial officer, and government spending auditor. 8 Democratic Candidates I’m running to replace him.all 5 ward mayor seats Only incumbent Queens Mayor Donovan Richards is at stake, fighting to protect his seat.

In addition, eight Democrats and one Republican running To become the new Manhattan District Attorney, and public advocate Jumani Williams Keep his post To two other Democrats and one Republican candidate seeking the role of city guard dog.

In addition to these races, about 300 candidates are competing for 35 of the 51 city council seats. A body that can introduce legislation and act as a check of the mayor’s power can be significantly reshaped on the basis of primary.

Due to the large number of candidates in the mayoral elections, in addition to many other contests, the campaign will solicit donations and benefit from a new public matching fund system that will pay candidates over $ 109 million. As a result, it has brought about an unprecedented surge in financial activity. In every race.

Independent spending, on the other hand, a group that can collect and spend unlimited amounts on behalf of candidates, has spent more than $ 37 million to influence voters.

New York City Mayor Primary Arrives Tuesday: What You Need to Know

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