New York City Mayor Elect Adams Nominates Members of Education Transition Team

Mayor Eric Adams on Friday Announced his transition teamIncludes about 100 members who advise the mayoral elections on educational issues.

Adams swears on January 1st as mayor. It also leads the largest school system in Japan. There are about 1 million students.

Some of the transition team leads David BanksFormer Principal Bronx has established a network of public schools for young men of color and is widely regarded as the next prime minister. He has six others, including Bronx teacher Tashnima Choudhry. Saskia ThompsonDeputy Prime Minister and former Mayor of Michael Bloomberg, he played many other high-ranking roles in the education sector.

Others who worked under Bloomberg, pursued aggressive educational reforms during their time as mayor, closed large and struggling schools, made room for charter expansion, and often clashed with teachers’ unions. Celebrities are included.

Former Bloomberg officials currently on the transition team include Dan Weisberg, who led TNTPs who dealt with labor issues and until recently focused on educational issues. Sonya Park, which leads the department’s charter school office and is currently the managing director of the various charter school federations. Former Vice President and current charter network leader Josh Thomas.

The team also has a bachelor’s degree from the retired mayor of Bill de Blasio. For example, former Deputy Mayor Richard Buery and Chris Caruso, who headed the city’s prestigious open community school. Both currently belong to the non-profit Robin Hood Foundation.

Other members include Jasmine Gripper, an alliance for quality education. This is an advocacy group that has long fought for more school funding and has worked closely with teachers’ unions. DeNora Getachew, leader of Do Something, a youth advocacy organization; Debbie Meyer, a parent advocating better guidance for dyslexic students.

Since Adams has not embodied much of his education plan, members of the transition team may provide some clues as to the policy directions his administration may pursue.

The next education sector leadership will have an abundance of plates, deciding how to allocate millions of dollars for federal bailouts and helping schools keep up. Coronavirus fallout, And set safety standards against ever-evolving health threats.

The following is a list of members that Adams listens to when he holds the reins.

Lead: David Banks

Reed: Saskia Thompson

Reed: Dr. Christina Melendez

Reed: Hazel Dukes

Reed: Hector Bautista

Reed: Lorraine Cortez Basquez

Lead: Tashnima Choudhury

Youth Co-Chair: Darleny Sariel

Youth Co-Chair: Ismail Hasaballa

Youth Co-Chair: Jonathan Ram

Youth Co-Chair: Mia Payne

Member: Angel Basquez

Members: Anita Gandanna

Member: Ann Tissue

Member: Alvarice

Members: Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman

Member: Carlos Moreno

Members: Councilor Rodneyse Bichotte

Members: Crystal Mcqueen-Taylor

Members: DeNora Getachew

Members: Doris Syntron

Member: Dr. Demetrius Carolina

Member: Eddie Silverio

Members: Edu Hermelyn

Members: Elizabeth McCarthy

Member: Fred Wilson

Members: Geoffrey Canada

Members: Gladys Ward

Member: Henry Ocasio

Members: Jane Martinez-Douring

Members: Jasmine Ripper

Members: Jean Desravines

Member: Jeff Aronson

Members: Jennifer Raab

Members: Jerry Russo

Member: John Trit

Member: Judy Dimon

Members: Kevin Cummings

Members: Khary Lazare-White

Member: Kim Sweet

Members: LaKeesha Walrond

Members: Lourdes Zapata

Members: Maria Figueroa-Dean

Members: Nancy Sunshine

Members: Phoebe Boyer

Members: Ravi Bob Kaplan

Members: Rabbi David Zwiebel

Members: Ramona Hernandez

Members: Rev. Jack Degraf

Member: Richard Bury

Member: Richard Kahan

Members: Sean Morehead

Members: Shirley Aldebol

Members: Sonya Park

Members: Vaughan Tony

Contributor: Abby Jo Sigal

Contributor: Abenaa Frempong-Boadu

Contributor: Brigid Ahern

Contributor: Carolyne Quintana

Contributor: Casey Lamb

Contributor: Cass Conrad

Contributor: Cassie Schwerner

Contributor: Cesar Zuniga

Contributor: Charissa Fernandez

Contributor: Chris Caruso

Contributor: Christopher Caruso

Contributor: Crisanta Durand

Contributor: Dan Weisberg

Contributor: David Adams

Contributor: Dawn Heyward

Contributor: Debbie Meyer

Contributor: Desmond Blackburn

Contributors: Dia Bryant, Ed.LD

Contributor: Dionne Greyman

Contributor: Dr. Anne Williams-Isom

Contributor: Dr. Asheena Baez

Contributor: Dr. Aschia Davis

Contributor: Dr. Javana Johnson

Contributor: Dr. Kara Ahmed

Contributor: Dr. Karen Dunkley

Contributor: Dr. Sabrina Hope King

Contributor: Dr. Sandye Johnson

Contributor: Dr. Sydney McKinney

Contributor: Dr. Tom Liam Lynch

Contributor: Dr. Wenimo Okoya

Contributor: Dr. Yvette Jackson

Contributor: Hope Lesane

Contributor: Irma Zardoya

Contributor: Jade Grieve

Contributor: Josh Thomases

Contributor: Karine Apollon

Contributor: Kelvin Chan

Contributor: Kenita Lloyd

Contributor: Lorelei Vargas

Contributor: Luke Line

Contributor: Marielys Divanne

Contributor: Marjorie Parker

Contributor: Maury Litwack

Contributor: Michael Rothman

Contributor: Nora Gomperts

Contributor: Paymon Rouhanifard

Contributor: Robert Lubetsky

Contributor: Rochelle Sinclair

Contributor: Ron Russell

Contributor: Sandra Escamilla

Contributor: Saskia Traill

Contributor: Savita Bharadwa

Contributor: Sherry Cleary

Contributor: Tala Manassah

Contributor: Tara Gardner

New York City Mayor Elect Adams Nominates Members of Education Transition Team

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