New York City drug dealer killed in shootout with NYPD, state police, federal government

A drug trafficker died Friday night in a shootout with NYPD, state and federal law enforcement officers in northern Manhattan as a second drug suspect was taken into custody, police said.

Members of the City, State and Federal Counter-Drug Offices attempted to secretly purchase drugs from two men at an apartment building at 72 Vermilyea Ave. near West 204th Street in Inwood at approximately 8:40 p.m. I tried.

“There were many kilos of drugs in the apartment,” a law enforcement source said.

The bust did not go well when officers moved in to arrest the man, said NYPD patrol chief Jeffrey Madley.

“At least one of the men pointed a gun at them and opened fire,” Madry said at a late-night news conference.

One of the men was quickly caught, Madrid said. However, the injured second man broke into the ground floor apartment and police believed he had barricaded himself inside.

An officer from the NYPD Emergency Services Unit was called. The ESU team included hostage negotiators, Madry said.

“Our forces tried to make contact,” said Madrid. “And after a while, when they lost contact, they were able to look inside and saw a man lying on the floor.”

When officers finally entered the apartment, “they realized the man had already succumbed to his injuries,” Madry said.

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None of the officers injured in the shootout appeared to be seriously injured, police said. Several officers were taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Neighbors said the building is known as the Drug Market.

“Everyone knows this place is a drug spot,” said a neighbor. “We sell cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, you name it.

“We always call the police,” said the neighbor. “The police finally did something about it.”

Drug Enforcement Administration sources said the bust contained significant amounts of fentanyl.

In addition to the NYPD, the operation involved agents from the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Customs and Border Protection, and the New York State Police.

Madley said the investigation is ongoing. New York City drug dealer killed in shootout with NYPD, state police, federal government

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