New York City companies fine $ 1,000 for failing to accept dollars and coins – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — At Big Apple, cash has become king again.

Andrea Grymes of CBS2 reported on Monday that a new law came into force banning companies from denying anyone who wants to pay in dollars or coins.

Joe & The Juice in Greenwich Village may offer healthy vegetables, but as customer Erica Freudenstein knew, it doesn’t allow you to pay in green.

“I knew I didn’t receive the cash yesterday, so today I’m on the app,” Freudenstein said.

Technically, this is currently illegal in New York City.

“Many coffee shops around here are just apps, which makes it difficult,” says Freudenstein.

Other works on CBS New York:

It’s not just Joe & The Juice. Grimes has found some spots that have not yet followed the new rules.

As of November 19, restaurants and businesses are required to accept cash as a payment method. Some have jumped into the tendency to accept only card or app payments.

As the lead sponsor of the legislature, Bronx councilor Ritchie Torres wanted to stop it.

“I have members who do not have access to debits or credits. Even if you do, there are members who prefer cash, especially the elderly. The choice should belong to the consumer,” Torres said. ..

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The bill was passed before the COVID of the city council in January, but has just come into effect.

The meaning is:

  • Companies are required to accept invoices under $ 20 as a payment option.
  • Otherwise, the first breach will be up to $ 1,000.
  • Then jump to $ 1,500.

Many New Yorkers have told CBS2 that they support the law.

“I will definitely do that, especially for older people like me. We are not always used to using credit cards,” said Greenwich Village resident Mimivan Olsen.

“If it’s a new rule, that’s fine. Either way, it doesn’t affect me. If I find cash in my wallet, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. That’s what I post cash. It’s an amount that lives in the economy, “added Noah Goski on the Upper West Side.

Business owners who don’t want to talk on the camera told Grymes that it’s safer not to receive cash. People do not come in and steal, and employees do not steal. She also said it would make the deal faster and more hygienic for her workers.

According to a spokeswoman, the Consumer Affairs Department is in charge of enforcement and is based on complaints.

Customers can call 311 or record their complaints online.

CBS2 contacted Joe & The Juice for comment on the cashless business, but did not receive a response.

The Department of Consumer Affairs said it shares information about the new law with several stakeholders, including businesses and community committees.

New York City companies fine $ 1,000 for failing to accept dollars and coins – CBS New York

Source link New York City companies fine $ 1,000 for failing to accept dollars and coins – CBS New York

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