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New York City and MTA Install Bike Parking at Dozens of Subway Stations

The MTA and City Hall are working on ways to better connect bicycles and other green transportation to subways, buses and bridges.

An MTA official on Wednesday said:Extending the reach of Transit“A report from a year-long study outlining plans for how the mass transit system will accommodate the 1.9 million New Yorkers who travel by bicycle and the increasing numbers who use bicycles. micromobility vehicle such as scooters and e-bikes.

The plans are part of what MTA officials described as a “real sea change” to put New York in the fast lane alongside other global cities through cyclist-friendly moves. installation of bike racks in metro stations, buildings or widenings. bike path M60, S79 and Q44 Select Bus Service routes have bike racks in front of the bus.

Janno Lieber, MTA Chairman and CEO, said: “This is a change. It used to be fragmented and no one at the MTA had the responsibility to take it seriously.”

THE CITY 2021 highlighted how other transport systems in cities such as London and Paris have fared so far overtook new york Create space for bikes with secure or covered parking spaces. Jersey City, closer to home, is working towards 30 stations. Public bicycle parking system Cyclists can safely store their motorcycles free of charge.

City Transportation Bureau data There are 550,000 bike trips in 2021, up from 270,000 in 2011, representing a more than 100% surge in cycling in the city over the past decade.

The MTA and the city are now trying to catch up, with transit last year installing bike storage pods from bike parking startup Oonee outside Grand Central Terminal. That unit has space for six of his bikes and is part of another pilot program for the agency. The MTA also plans to expand bicycle parking on five Long Island Rail Roads and 13 Metro-North stations.

“The plan is that 87% of us [subway] We have racks within 400 feet of our stations, but we want to improve that for fairness and demand,” said Jamie Torres-Springer, president of MTA Construction and Development.

sense of security

The 37 subway stations set up to make room for bikes are mostly outside Manhattan, with 19 in Brooklyn, 9 in Queens, and 7 in the Bronx.

They include Brooklyn’s Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Terminal and Broadway Junction. Howard Beach in Queens – JFK Airport and Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Avenue. East 180th Street and Baychester Avenue in the Bronx.

One Manhattan station to get new bike racks is 96th Street and Central Park West on the B/C line.

The MTA plans to add a bike rack outside the Broadway Junction station in Brooklyn on January 11, 2023.

At Broadway Junction, several bikes were tethered to a lamppost not far from the City Bike docking station outside the transportation hub.

Raheem Kareem, 28, who uses city bikes because of the docking stations, says: “People just leave their bikes at the post, and that’s not always safe.”

Danny Harris, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, pointed to statistics showing that a quarter of New York households have had their bikes stolen.

“…introducing secure bicycle parking not only helps secure the ability to get there, but also the livelihood,” said Harris.

Lieber also confirmed that the MTA has created policies to: regulate the use The number of electric bicycles and electric scooters in subways and commuter trains.

THE CITY reported in August that the transit agency was investigating potential guidelines for the device after lithium-ion battery fires sprung up across the city last year.

“What we definitely try to do is make sure there are no recharges and no vehicles using flammable fuels,” Lieber said. We want to do everything we can to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.” New York City and MTA Install Bike Parking at Dozens of Subway Stations

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