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New York church files lawsuit against state gun laws

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Churches across New York State have been mobilized after Gov. We are gathering and protesting its safety.

“Essentially, Gov. Ho-Chol said it was illegal to bring firearms into places of worship and there was no room for church security teams or anything along those lines. It was just a blanket order. We did,” said executive director Jason McGuire. of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom.

What you need to know

  • More than 20 churches around New York state are suing the Concealed Carry Improvement Act approved by Gov. Hochul in July, claiming the new law violates Second Amendment rights .
  • In addition to requiring stronger background checks and training, the Concealed Carry Improvements Act prohibits the carrying of firearms into places deemed “sensitive”, including buildings such as bars, schools, libraries and churches. Forbidden to holders of shield carry permits.
  • Last week, after a federal judge ruled to block most of the law, the lawsuit continues, writing that state gun ban attempts in some places will not be allowed.

McGuire is one of the plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed by 25 churches statewide, alleging gun control laws violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“Many of the pastors I speak to are very concerned that they will no longer be able to protect their flocks as a result of Governor Ho-Chol’s new gun laws,” McGuire said. “So our lawsuit establishes the fact that the church has a right to security, a right to self-defense.”

Federal Judge Glenn Sudderby closed most of the law last weekThis includes licensing requirements and restrictions on where you can bring firearms in areas considered classified. The injunction took effect within days, and state officials are appealing it. But Hochul continued to fight, Said the law would be upheld on Friday Despite legal challenges to action.

“The Supreme Court said it can identify sensitive locations,” Ho-chol said at a press conference last week. “One of them has to be the church. was left as is.”

The law was approved this summer following a Supreme Court ruling that New York’s draconian concealed carry law was unconstitutional. The new measures face multiple legal challenges, including from northern churches challenging gun bans in places of worship.

“I believe the governor should have rights that have been in effect for 108 years to protect the people of the state,” he said. Whether it’s this law or the entire gun law, I believe people in this state deserve protection.”

But for McGuire and the church involved, that’s still not enough.

“Although we appreciate the measures that Judge Sadabi ordered, the case will move forward as Governor Ho-Chol has indicated that he intends to appeal,” he said.

Hochul says he works with law enforcement to keep the streets safe, and McGuire says he just wants his congregation to do the same.

“The FBI says attacks on churches and shootings are on the rise,” McGuire said. “Every time Gov. Ho-Chol steps up to the pulpit to preach, we want her to have the same kind of security.” New York church files lawsuit against state gun laws

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