New York apparel executive dismissed after warning about PPE price cuts: Proceedings

A New York apparel company backed by several current and former NFL players after warning about plans to sell PPE gear at high prices during the COVID-19 pandemic, an explosive new proceeding claim. The boss rejected the executives.

Chaitenya Razdan, CEO of Careandwear, said that the company had sold masks, gowns, gloves and other medical devices to US hospitals and front-line healthcare professionals to meet the surge in demand in March. We could not confirm compliance with state or federal regulations. A proceeding filed in New York State Court on Thursday.

Dismissed executive Susan Jones co-founded a company on Razdan and Seventh Avenue in 2014 to design and design special apparel for people dealing with cancer and other illnesses that require long-term intravenous medication. The lawsuit said it was selling. This includes clothing with access flaps for IV, which allows the patient to remain wearing a shirt or trousers for treatment.

The company was so successful by 2016 that it raised investment from Los Angeles’ renowned financial adviser Humble Lukanga, along with several current and former NFL players, court documents said.

Among the latter are Philadelphia Eagles’ Darius Srey and Malik Jackson, Seattle Seahawks’ Duein Brown and Bobby Wagner, Chicago Bears’ Cherick McManis, and former professional football giant Alien Foster. Said Jonathan Grimes.

Lucanga, a member of the board of directors, along with Razdan, in a lawsuit alleging that he was aware of his actions but did not intervene to prevent the CEO’s “illegal” and “reckless attempts” Has been nominated.

Razdan and Lucanga were not asked for comment. Care and wear, named in the proceedings, did not return a request for comment.

The proceedings also allege that “Mr. Razdan provided his friends and acquaintances with millions of dollars in excess fees to line up his own pocket with his friend’s pocket.”

According to the proceedings, Jones began expressing concern to Razdan and Lucanga, seeking evidence that the company’s business activities were Kosher. She claims to have been slowly kicked out of the company’s power center since 2017. Jones said Razdan stopped sharing important financial information with her and eventually blocked access to all company’s bank accounts. On June 29, Jones was dismissed, the proceedings said.

Former executives allege gender harassment and a hostile work environment, in addition to illegal dismissals and breach of trustee liability. The proceedings allege that Razdan created a “culture” in which Jones and other women were “uncomfortable with his actions” but “feared” to challenge him.

This included the CEO commenting on the appearance of female employees. Court documents cite a case in which an unnamed female employee in her twenties told Razdan that she was planning to exercise after work.

In front of the other employees, the CEO replied, “We all want to see you exercising,” and asked her to take a video of herself while exercising. “He added.

Jones seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorneys’ fees.

New York apparel executive dismissed after warning about PPE price cuts: Proceedings

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