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New video shows up close shooting of police failure at Uvalde School

Newly released footage from within Rob Elementary School during the shootings show more. First responder malfunctions and failures As the policeman stands waiting for instructions, police chief Pete Aledondo begs the shooter to stop.

Newly released body camera footage from May 24th, First reported by CNNIt shows a surprising lack of urgency among officers, as active archers eventually killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Aledondo can be heard politely asking the shooters, 18 year old Salvador RamosSurrender a few minutes after the police officer heard a gunshot explosion from inside classrooms 111 and 1112.

“Teacher, when you hear my voice, lower the firearm, Sensei. I don’t want to hurt anyone else,” he said in the footage.

Aledondo’s petition came after receiving information from the dispatch that another police officer had called “full of victims” 911 from within the classroom. Some police officers knew there were survivors inside, but confirmed reports that they wasted valuable time confronting the armed murderers.

“We have children,” the dispatcher told UVD officer Justin Mendoza, according to body camera footage. “He is currently in a room full of victims.”

The newly released video shows a serious lack of urgency by officers to stop the slaughter.

It is unclear if that information was passed on to other officers like Arredondo.

Six minutes have passed before Aledondo was shown tampering with the key — Ramos and the victim are trying to gain access to an adjacent classroom inside.

A few minutes later, a sudden gunshot shocked the policeman, at which point Aledondo tried to talk to Ramos.

Police reportedly wasted time that could have saved lives.
Investigations at the Texas House have blown up law enforcement agencies due to their lack of action.

Another 30 minutes pass, with the police appearing to be standing without urgency before the team takes out the shooter. The overall response from the first officer arriving at the scene to the team killing the shooter took more than an hour.

At some point in a clip released by Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, an officer is expressing his confusion outside the school door.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

The video also shows some of the early moments and turmoil of a desperate police response via Uvalde PoliceSgt. Daniel Coronado’s body camera.

“Shots are fired, go inside, go!” Coronado shouted, running towards the elementary school building.

The gunshot exploded, and Coronado called out to get the latest information and mistakenly stated that the shooter was in the office.

“We are containing him,” he said. “I believe he is barricaded in one of the offices.”

Body camera footage shows a police officer helping children escape school from another classroom window about 25 minutes after the first police officer responded.

The police response to the shootings has been thoroughly scrutinized.

Biting new probe Announced by Texas House Investigation Commission on sunday There was an error in the overall response of law enforcement agencies This is because it has the potential to confront the shooter faster and save more lives.

“The entire law enforcement agency and its training, preparation and response share systematic responsibility for the many opportunities missed on that tragic day,” the report said.

New video shows up close shooting of police failure at Uvalde School

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