New Prohibition: Anti-Natural Gas Frenzy Spreads Across America

of Biden administrationhas faced a public backlash.

All-electricity is a bold strategy in the war to eliminate fossil fuels, as it increases demand on grids that rely heavily on fossil fuels.

Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside Washington, is one of the latest jurisdictions to ban natural gas for heating and appliances in new residential and commercial buildings. The county council he voted in December to require new construction to use only electric energy by the end of 2026. The DC Congress voted to impose a similar ban on natural gas early last year.

Kathy Hochul, the Democratic governor of New York, unveiled one of the most aggressive proposals of its kind statewide this month. Abolition of natural gas connections in new construction starting in 2025. The plan, which she said was necessary to combat climate change, will end the sale of all fossil fuel-powered heating appliances statewide by 2030.

Dozens of California jurisdictions, including Berkeley, San Francisco and San Jose, have banned natural gas appliances and heating. In Los Angeles, the Building Safety Department recommended in his October that the city require new construction to use only electric energy.

According to the American Gas Association, approximately 85 areas nationwide have banned the use of natural gas.

“It’s clearly spreading like a virus,” Rachel Wilfong, a researcher at the Center for Energy, Climate and Environment at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told The Washington Times.

Energy policy analysts say more states and local governments will soon be forced to turn residents and businesses out of gas stoves, fireplaces, water heaters and stoves and replace them with all-electric heating appliances.

Climate activists, who are lobbying states and federal governments to ban fossil fuels, want cities and towns to be fully electrified. They say more solar and wind power is being built into the country’s energy grid, which will help end the use of fossil fuels.

According to the Energy Information Administration, natural gas accounts for about 34% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. The Obama administration has classified carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, saying its emissions are endangering the climate. President Biden has pledged to cut US greenhouse gas emissions to 50% of his 2005 levels by 2030.

Proponents of fossil fuels point out that the grid relies mostly on coal, natural gas and nuclear power, with very little coming from renewables such as wind and solar. In other words, switching to an electric stove does not actually produce green energy.

In New York state, renewable energy, primarily hydropower, powered 22% of the energy grid in 2020, according to the EIA. Wind and solar were less than 2%.

Last year, the EIA reported that natural gas provided 46% of the state’s electricity generation, and nuclear energy provided a quarter of New York’s electricity.

“Even if you believe in climate science, replacing gas stoves with electricity will make no difference.

Mrs. Hochol explained the reasoning behind her proposal in an address to the New York State House on January 10. She told legislators that the building was New York’s biggest source of emissions and accounted for her one-third of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, adding, “It exacerbates asthma and puts children at risk.” said to be causing pollution.

When she was pitching a statewide fossil fuel ban, Biden administration He hurried to assure the public that the federal government did not support plans to ban gas stoves.

A Biden official retracted a statement by Consumer Product Safety Commission member Richard Tolmuka Jr.

“We can ban any product that we can’t make safe,” Tramka told Bloomberg News.

Torumka cited a study published this month that found gas stoves pollute the air and cause more than 12 percent of childhood asthma cases.

This figure was derived from analysis of previous studies, such as one that tested the emissions of gas stoves after completely shutting off ventilation by wrapping the room. The report was co-authored by the Rocky Mountain Institute, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

Other data show no correlation at all between gas stoves and asthma.

“Many of the code changes occurring at the local level are based on controversial gas appliances and health issues that are not based on real-world environments,” said Steve Everley, managing director of the energy and natural resources sector at FTI Consulting. We are informed by research.” , told The Times. “Indoor air quality problems are often caused by cooking itself, and the most practical solution is to use range hoods or other stoves already recommended by the manufacturer, regardless of the type of stove you are using. There’s quite a bit of research showing that it’s the use of ventilators.”

Mr Torumka’s threat to ban gas stoves sparked immediate backlash and ridicule. Biden administrationAn estimated 40% of all stoves in the US are gas-powered, and many Americans prefer to cook their food that way.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin III said in a Twitter post, “This is a recipe for disaster.” The federal government has no job teaching American families how to cook dinner. The last thing brought out is the gas stove on which we cook.”

A creeping ban on natural gas faces opposition. Florida and her 19 other states, which have mostly Republican-dominated legislatures, have passed legislation banning local governments from restricting the use of natural gas.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is being looked at as the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, said gas stoves helped residents in a state that lost power in two summer hurricanes.

“We can’t go down this road,” DeSantis said. “But that’s exactly what they want to do.”

A week later, Mr. DeSantis proposed tax exemption for gas stoves by the end of the year.

“I will,” Mr. DeSantis said. “I’m fine. I want you to be able to choose.”

Washington state banned natural gas connections in all new commercial buildings and certain residential buildings beginning in July. In Colorado, Denver and Boulder are considering banning natural gas appliances and heating in new homes and other buildings. New Prohibition: Anti-Natural Gas Frenzy Spreads Across America

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