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New Jersey’s ‘Lady Ghostbusters’ are in high spirits this Halloween

Boonton, NJ (PIX11) – The self-proclaimed ‘Lady Ghostbusters’ of New Jersey are on a haunting quest to find wandering spirits and ‘help them cross into the light’.

A team of investigative media – four women and one clairvoyant man – recently combed an empty third-floor room in the dilapidated Boonton Holmes Library in New Jersey.

Team member Nicole Kleis felt it right away. He’s the spirit telling you he’s here. ”

Eleanor Wagner, who founded the group, claimed that these emotions are often verified by Ghostbuster’s trading tools. He pointed out that a drop in the thermometer could indicate that spirits are nearby.

These spirits can escape, but they cannot hide from specially designed SLS cameras.

“If you point somewhere, there’s nothing there, but you see a stick figure on the screen with a spirit standing next to it,” explains Miller.

She provided a video in which a stick figure appears on the screen as the group conducts a paranormal investigation into an antique store in Lafayette.

“These people are invisible to the human eye,” said Miller. “But SLS can pick up static electricity from it and turn it into a stick figure.”

When asked about the proof that static electricity is transformed into spirits, she replied:

Another tool in this trade is called Ovilus 5, which the media claims allows spirits to communicate via 2,300 words stored in a database.

During the night in the Boonton Holmes Library, the device kept changing words. When asked what the spirit was trying to say, Chris replied, “I’m not sure, but the last word was ‘Shh’.”

While on the third floor, Miller asked if someone had turned the switch to activate the fan. “No,” was the quick reply. No one had an answer as to why it suddenly started spinning.

Wagner, who has written several paranormal books, created a team of Ghostbusters (individuals with supernatural powers) several years ago to help unearth haunting evidence to use in her writings. Earlier investigations have found images of spirits behind the windows of Houpakkon Lake buildings, images of spirits reflected in mirrors at the Elks Club, and a man’s face reflected in the windows of the Boonton Library, she said.

Built in 1849, this building was originally the home of a family who lost two sons in battle and another died in a fire. Psychic investigators sensed that the family’s spirits still lingered in the building.

Clairvoyant Art Petersen said that when he walked through the room, he felt something terrible was happening. His hair grew down his arms and back. ”

When asked why others in the same room as him didn’t feel the same, Petersen turned to his clairvoyance.

“I am clairvoyant and empathic, so I can feel and see things in the past,” he said.

After two hours in the building, neither PIX11’s cameraman nor reporter Marvin Scott felt anything out of the ordinary. However, Team He member Liz He Petersen concluded, “This is a place that has spirits and is haunted!”

These Ghostbusters take paranormal investigations seriously and recognize that there are skeptics who don’t believe them.

“We don’t want to convince anyone. We believe in ourselves. said Wagner.

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