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Scotch Plains, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Garden state voters voted on Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21 through amendments to the state constitution.

According to the Associated Press, over 59% of constituencies reported, and 67% voted in favor of passing the bill.

According to CBS2’s Megbaker, these numbers now show in the latest poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University before the election that about 60% of voters vote “yes” to their voting questions. It shows that New Jersey could soon turn green. Tuesday.

“Today is a great day for New Jersey. After years of political inaction, voters have decisively approved the legalization of marijuana,” said founded in 1995 at 10 state levels in the last eight years. Steve Hawkins, Secretary-General of the Marijuana Policy Project, who has played a central role in the victory of legalization, said.

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As Baker previously reported, there were only a few voters at Scotch Plains Park Middle School, as most people have already submitted mail votes.

Resident Lira Maxwell said it was important for her to appear directly on Tuesday.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime election,” Maxwell said. “I received a mail vote by mail, but it’s safer to bring it in directly.”

Flashback: New Jersey residents vote for amendment to legalize recreational marijuana

Other baker said he misplaced the ballot, but fortunately the backup option was available until the ballot ended at 8 pm.

The questions on the back of the ballot focused on whether New Jersey should be green. The legalization of marijuana was put into the hands of voters after years of lack of legislative support.

“Most people know that marijuana is already everywhere,” said Senator Nicholas Stari.

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Democrat Scutari added that this was a matter of racial justice and that arrests for possession were disproportionately high for blacks and Latino Americans. It’s a matter of money.

“We will create and move forward with the state’s economic engine, but it will not only be taxable, but it will also create jobs,” says Scutari.

However, Republican Senator Michael Doherty objected, saying that incoming money might soon leave.

“We’ve found that other states are no longer making money, and in fact, law enforcement costs have increased significantly,” said Doherty.

The New Jersey State Police Chiefs Association cites concerns about drunk driving and the toxicity of marijuana today.

Political expert Jeanette Hoffman said that if New Jersey residents voted “yes,” the legislature would need to pass the law and create regulations.

“Set up a license for anyone who wants to set up a clinic. You’re talking about setting THC limits on products such as food. You’re talking about setting fines for drunk driving,” Hoffman said. Stated.

Legalization may take place officially in January 2021, but it’s not like turning it on. In other states, it took more than four years to set up an industry.

More than 70 municipalities have signed agreements that do not allow clinics in the town.

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New Jersey Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana – CBS New York

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