Nevada Encourages Companies to Accept New Virus Restrictions

Reno, Nevada (AP)-Head of Nevada’s agency to drive business growth urges companies to embrace the governor’s latest move to tighten COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, and a coronavirus is likely to occur It continues to spread at unprecedented speeds, which it says is the best way to protect against future shutdowns.

State health officials say the proportion of COVID-19-positive residents has doubled since mid-October in the last 14 days, reaching a record high of 16.7% on Sunday and Monday from 8.2% on October 15. Stated.

Governor Steve Sisorak announced the largest Maskman date ever on Sunday, reducing the capacity of casinos, restaurants, bars and many other companies from 50% to 25% at 12:01 am on Tuesday. I did.

Caleb Cage, director of Nevada COVID-19 compliance, and Terry Reynolds, director of the Ministry of Business and Industry, sympathize with business owners who may struggle to float in the new cuts, but more in the coming weeks. He said it was intended to help avoid dramatic responses.

“This was clearly difficult for companies,” Reynolds told reporters. But, “although difficult, it’s in their interest to stay open, protect employees, protect customers, and protect their lives.”

Reynolds said this was especially true for small businesses that saw the virus damaging employees.

“We had to deal with banks that were basically struggling to stay open due to lack of employees, especially in rural areas,” he said.

The latest directive of Sisorak requires a mask whenever a person is around a person who is not in direct home, including personal gatherings both indoors and outdoors. Public meetings are limited to 50 people or less or 25% of the Fire Service Act capacity, whichever is less. Private gatherings are limited to 10 households and cannot exceed 2 households.

Sisorak, who avoided tightening obligations throughout the fall because it could hurt Nevada’s tourism-based economy, said the viral predisposition led to “unavoidable conclusions.”

“We are on a rapid track that can overwhelm our healthcare system, frontline healthcare professionals, and access to your healthcare, so it’s time to act,” COVID recently said. Said Sisorak, who was infected with -19.

In Nevada, 10% of all confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported in the last 7 days, and hospitals are full to the point where one of Reno has an additional bed in a nearby parking garage. ..

The 14-day moving average of positive test rates exceeded 15% for the first time on November 15, and has risen since then. The World Health Organization has set a target of 5% or less.

The positive rate dropped to 6.3% on September 21, which is part of the upward trend. After reaching a low of 2.7% on May 27, it exceeded 10% in July and August as a whole. The highest price in April was 14.7%. 23, about a month after the first infection was confirmed in Nevada.

Despite the new restrictions, Sisorak says he did not intend to become a “mask police”. He also tried not to put the limits into any kind of shutdown, instead calling it a “state-wide suspension” for the next three weeks.

But he warned that without improvement, Nevada could close restaurants, close gyms, and even limit meetings to eat indoors. Most companies have been operating at 50% since summer.

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Nevada Encourages Companies to Accept New Virus Restrictions

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