Netz’s Jarrett Allen Lifting Game with the help of Amare Staudemia

On almost every objective measure, last season was a big step forward for Jarrett Allen and a year of his career, but he still lost his starting point to DeAndre Jordan and found his name in trade rumors. I did.

Brooklyn’s young giant is determined to take his game to the next level and can’t learn a better role model than Amar’e Stoudemire, who was recently hired as a Nets player development assistant.

Allen scored a career high with points (11.1) and rebounds (9.6), even better in the bubble, leading the net to an amazing 5-3 record in the restart game, finishing 7th in the east. He also formed one of the league’s top lob duos with Spencer Dinwidy (40 dunks). This was what Staudemia was good at when he was playing with his new Nets head coach Steve Nash for years.

“Amaré has been great so far,” Allen told Post. “He gave me a hint when we were exercising. He gave me a little guide on how to improve my game. Some post-move Show me and tell us about his way of thinking about rebounds, basically so far. “

Jarrett Allen learns from new net coach Amare Staudemia
Amare Staudemia; Jarrett AllenDan Miller; Paul J. Bereswill

Staudemia has been a pick-and-roll horror for years playing with Nash. If Allen (and Jordan and Kevin Durant) could even develop a rational replica of the chemistry that Staudemia and Nash had when they terrorized the Western Conference, that would be a good omen for Nets.

Allen is not the first young big man to help Staudemia. Apparently, the six All-Stars were coaching before he coached.

Staudemia starred in Phoenix in 2002-10 and Knicks in 2010-15, then spent a short time in Dallas and Miami before heading abroad. He finished his playing career at Maccabi Tel Aviv, winning the title with the MVP honor of the Israeli Basketball Premier League final, while helping young forward Denia Vdia prepare for the NBA’s life.

“Amare as a teammate was great and great. I have a lot of patience with young guys. I really want young guys to improve,” Avdia said in an interview with Zoom’s media before the draft. .. “I have a great relationship with him. He is my best friend. I learned a lot from him this season.”

Avdia won the lottery in Washington, the greatest selection ever from Israel, and admitted that he helped Staudemia get there.

“I and Amare had a very good relationship,” Avdia said last week. “We went to the gym first in almost every practice, talked a lot about the NBA and asked a lot of questions. How do you become an all-star, how about leading a team, and what do you do? Did I have to?

“I asked him a lot of questions, but I don’t remember everything, but he gave me a lot of knowledge and he has a lot of knowledge that helped me. I’m glad there was an NBA player, especially Amare, who was an all-star next to me, who led me last year. McCabi. So it was a great experience for me to play. [with Stoudemire].. “

Avdija can remember at least one specific question he had to ask.

“How about playing with Steve Nash?”

Netz’s Jarrett Allen Lifting Game with the help of Amare Staudemia

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