Nets plans to extend trading with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden

The net can extend the Big 3 to long-term trading this offseason. But it can be difficult, and it is guaranteed to be expensive.

Still, GM Sean Marks rang it as if it were a plan.

“It’s probably premature to discuss their future. [but] Obviously we are working on them. They play a big role in how we continue to build this, how we promote our culture and team identity, “Marks said. “What you see there is that when they are healthy, it is a very very elite unit.

“Many people want to play with, play with, be part of something here. Not only do they want to re-sign Brooklyn, but free agents are coming back to us and future people It’s up to us to continue to create an environment of thinking. I was in Brooklyn and played with those talented players. “”

Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving will be able to ink the extensions for another four years starting next season and will stay in Brooklyn until 2025-26. However, they can play next season and opt out of becoming a free agent.

Durant has the potential to re-sign for $ 197.7 million for four years. (According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, he is not eligible for a five-year extension due to more than 38 rules).

James Harden could come back for up to $ 161.1 million for up to three years, and Kyrie Irving could come back for $ 181.6 million for four years. (If he doesn’t ink the extension and opts out after next season, he could get up to $ 235 million in five years in 2022.)

There are nine free agents on the net, including Jeff Green, Blake Griffin and Bruce Brown.

“We need continuity throughout, but we need to make changes, and they may not all be due to the decisions we make,” Sean Marks said. “Our players must also make these decisions.”

Spencer Dinwidy has turned down his choices and is becoming an unlimited free agent. Nets was able to get him to walk for free, re-sign him, and cooperate with sign-and-trade. They will get decent trade exceptions, draft topics, or solid players-although alongside salaries and tax increases.

“When the time comes, we will deal with Spencer,” Marks said. “Obviously, Spencer is in a position to secure his future long term. Whether it’s here or we can help them, we’re obviously in that position. I want to play a role, but as you know, I’ll focus on this at a later date. “

According to Athletic, Harden is about to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. But Irving doesn’t.

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Nets plans to extend trading with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden

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