Nets GM Sean Marks sends subtle James Harden message to the Rockets

Nets GM Sean Marks was talking to the media, but he was talking to the Rockets.

Marks held a press conference that was an exhibition of long-distance relationships, as the NBA finally approved Brooklyn’s NBA Draft Night Trade late Thursday night. Without saying the words “James” or “Harden,” he sent multiple subtle messages to Houston, his players, and his fans.

While both Harden and Netz star Kevin Durant were pushing to take Harden to Brooklyn, Marks made it clear that Netz was going to grab their moment. (I’m interested), but don’t mortgage their future (translation: we’re not suckers).

“Speaking of a future’mortgage’, you probably say no. In every deal, not just with the stars, there is a thin line that this is what we are happy to do, “Marks said. “We want to make something sustainable. It’s not a moment. It’s all-in, and in the next year or two, it needs to be completely rebuilt, and it’s going to be rebuilt. There are no assets for.

“There is the other side of taking advantage of what we have now, take advantage of the moment. We obviously have a talented group that can be put in court as it is … how It’s hard to say until you know if a good deal is being offered or is being offered. But do you want to mortgage your future? No, I don’t want to. “

What is offered is Harden, the winner of the last three scoring titles. The question is whether what Nets has to offer (Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwidy, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, Pick) is enough to win him.

The first salvo in Houston told ESPN’s Tim McMahon, “We are happy to be uncomfortable.” This means keeping Harden in season rather than trading it. But less than a week later, they signed another song with McMahon and said in a hoop collective, “I realized that his heart was fixed.”

That’s why Houston acknowledges reality and is currently fighting for price. So is Brooklyn.

“It’s very difficult to discuss a hypothesis. You just don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know when it will come true,” Marks said. “All you can do is get ready to put on the best roster you can transfer. We like what we have now,” said free agent Joe Harris, still keen to re-sign. Marks insisted.

“We need to be ready and flexible no matter what happens. Hopefully the decisions we make will bring the best roster to court. How we do business. And I couldn’t tell you if it involved chasing a larger piece or playing around the edge. “

Dinwiddie is believed to be in the spotlight from several Western Conference teams. And now, the point guard, who represents himself and is opting out after this next season, can certainly market himself.

Everyone in the NBA has seen how annoying Anthony Davis’ exit from New Orleans is. Marks is proud of the culture Nets has built up, but also recognizes that he is open and open to his players.

“I don’t know if it’s the ugly part of the business, the strange part of the business, or the nasty part of the business. I think we need to discuss it,” Marks said. “I talked to some players about this and just said,” Look, forget the rumors. Go there and focus on what you have, the group here. “

“If you say’nothing happens’, you won’t tell the truth. At the same time, they understand that this is a business. Get ready. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I like this group we have … When things change, things change. We need to talk honestly with the players so that the rumors don’t get messed up in the background. “

Marks reiterated that maintaining Harris was at the top of his list.

“It’s definitely a priority. I hope we can continue to build this with Joe.”

Nets GM Sean Marks sends subtle James Harden message to the Rockets

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