Netflix renews pen badge stalker hit “You” in Season 4

Joe Goldberg lives to sneak up on another day.

Netflix has announced that the hit stalker drama “You” starring Penn Badgley has been redesigned for Season 4. Prior to Friday’s Season 3 Premiere..

Psychological thriller / dark comedy follows the book-loving intellectual Joe (Budley). It happens that a serial killer..

Originally aired in Lifetime, Season 1 was set in New York, followed by an unlucky obsession with Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and entanglement with her unpleasant group of friends. In Season 2, Joe moved to Los Angeles and became obsessed with love (Victoria Pedretti, “The Haunting of Hill Manor”). she Similarly unpleasant group of friends. In a twist, at the end of Season 2, instead of becoming one of Joe’s victims, Love reveals that she’s as murderous as Joe, unobtrusively undisturbed.

According to Netflix 43 million viewers Matched to the first four-week show at Streamer.

“I feel like this show is asking some interesting questions,” Badgley said. Told the post.. “Joe is actually so sensitive that he is threatened by a physically striking, gloomy, somewhat predatory male archetype, and ironically, in his sensitivity and isolation, he himself. He will be a gloomy predator himself, but he is completely unaware of it. “

In Season 3, a lovely couple will settle down with their baby in everyday life in the suburbs so that no one will be killed. Joe and Love will face tech entrepreneurs, mom bloggers, and Instagram-famous biohackers.

“You” Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 15th.

Season 3 of “You” will be on Netflix on Friday.

Netflix renews pen badge stalker hit “You” in Season 4

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